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Movie Synopsis

Selina Tested movie is an action movie/story that was written and produced by Manuchim Praize aka Odogwu. This action movie encompasses violence, power/authority/dominance, comedy, revenge, drama, betrayal, survival, love, romance and more.

Two little rascals, Aboy and Chiboy serve as the main characters of the movie during it’s early episodes with others revolving around them, conquering and rulling a little town called Holy Ground aka Ama.

For several months now, the movie series has been trending on social media especially on the largest video streaming platform, Youtube.

Can I watch Selina tested?

Selina Tested is now available on YouTube.

What episode is the end of Selina tested?

Selina Tested Reloaded is the last episode of Selina Tested after Episode 28 Part B.

Who brought Selina tested?

One of such films that has benefitted from the availability of streaming services and social media is the TV show “Selina Tested”. Produced by Lightweight Entertainment, the drama series revolves around the lives of two men named Chiboy and Aboy. The show explores different vices in society.

Here are some reasons we think Nigerians love the movie

  1. Slangs
  2. Pidgin English
  3. The portrayal of life on the street
  4. Realism
  5. Cinematography
  6. Moral lesson
  7. Choice of characters
  8. Choice of location
  9. Addictive nature

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