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‘Your Face Show Your Shoe Shine’ slang meaning


What is the meaning of ‘Your Face Show Your Shoe Shine’ slang?

The slang ‘Your Face Show Your Shoe Shine‘ has been one of the trending infact most used slangs since 2021 till date after the emergence of the hit movie ‘Selina Tested.’ The Slangs has been in existence though in some parts of Nigeria example Portharcourt, Delta, and other easthern region of the country. What actually made it popular in the mouth of almost every Nigerian today is the movie Selina Tested produced by Lightweight Entertainment.

What is the meaning of Your Face Show Your Shoe Shine?

If you haven’t watched the movie series “SELINA TESTED” I’ll advise you to watch it so you’ll get a better understanding of the usage of the Slangs. However, most people see the slangs as a Cultist Slangs, well, we can’t dispute the fact that it’s used by Cultist but it’s just a way of praising someone, it’s a complimentary Slangs.

The slangs has different usage so you must be careful how to use it so you won’t use it out of context.

Your Face Show Meaning

If someone belongs to a community/environment/gang, you can say your face show. This means the person is recognized as a member or someone that belongs in that place. It means you’re recognized by people within that area and by this, you have no worry whatsoever because all protection, respect and privileges will be accorded to you.


Your Shoe Shine Meaning

Your shoe shine is similar to your face show but this one mean that you have ‘doings‘ it means you know the basics of that environment, you know people that matters and they know you too. It means everywhere you go within that community/environment, you can have a say and your words will be listened too because you are a recognized individual there.

In every environment, there are people who rule or have a say, so when someone tells you that your face show and your shoe shine, it means you are fully known in that place and your also respected and have say in certain decision and can partake in alot of activities within that community/area/geng.

Your Face Show Your Shoe Shine is also a complimentary word used for someone you respect or someone you call ‘senior man’s. You can. Also use it for your friends as a way of saying that he/she has done well to you or someone.

It’s a slang word used to show appreciation when someone does you well.

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