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Zanziman Ellie Bio, Net Worth, Age, Country, Parents, Height


Hey! Have you come across a book titled The Jungle Book and a character named Mowgli, Or probably, you weren’t born in the 90s? You may also have watched Tarzan, all of which talk about a boy who called the jungle home.

Zanziman Ellie of Rwanda is a typical representation of these characters after surviving in the jungle to escape bullies. His Society ridiculed him because of his strange looks, but then he found it safer and more peaceful to live in a forest in Rwanda. Today, we’ll be telling you all you need to know about ‘The Monkey Boy’ called Zanziman Ellie.

Profile Summary

Full name: Zanziman Ellie

Year of birth: 1999


Zanziman Ellie’s age: 23 years in 2022

Place of birth: Rwanda

Current residence: Rwanda

Nationality: Rwandan

Education: Ubumwe Community Center (Institution for kids with special needs)

Known for: Living in the Rwandan jungle to escape a society that ridiculed his appearance

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Zanziman Ellie

Genuine Mowgli Zanziman Ellie was born different from other regular kids. His small head and funny appearance made him an obvious objective of mockery among his peers. A kid who ought to go to school but climbed 32 kilometers consistently to shy away from the public.

The angry remarks from his fellow community citizens were entirely poisonous, to the point that he was not comfortable being outdoors for too long. After many dark days, his story was told to the public. Watch Video Below;

Who is Zanziman Ellie?

Zanziman Ellie is a 23-year-old kid. As a kid, he was diagnosed to have microcephaly. The condition made his head seem more smaller than expected.

His community disliked him. Even at the point when he was enrolled in class, his mates laughed and despised him nonstop. The steady tormenting from the townspeople made him run crazy distances to get some peace of mind.

Sadly, this public dislike for him pushed him away from school therefore denying him formal education. At the point when different kids of his age were having a great time and progressing, he was meandering the wilderness with creatures.

In February of last year, he got found by the group of Aframax TV. They chose to make a documentary about his story. As per the sun, Zanziman Ellie is totally wearing a suit, prepared to go to his school.

After quite a while, his folks had the opportunity to see their child with a wide smile all over. The assets produced from his narrative and GoFundMe page assisted the little fellow with going to tip top school for extraordinary requirements youngsters.

Last year, Ellie attracted so much popularity when a publication was made regarding to his life. The consistent harassing and cruelty shown by his locals irritated audiences. The moviemakers chose to set up a GOFundMe page for him. This brought in some funds for him and his family.


Who old is Zanziman Ellie

Who is Zanziman Ellie?
Zanziman Ellie

Zanziman Ellie was born in 1999. Thus, he is 23 years of age in 2022. Despite the fact that he was born in Rwanda, he was loathed by the local area.

Zanziman Ellie’s health condition

Zanziman Ellie of Rwanda has a condition known as microcephaly, which causes a baby to be born with a much smaller head than normal. As a result, Ellie is not able to talk properly and has learning disabilities.

Schools across Rwanda could not admit him because he lacked the mental capacity to learn like normal kids.

What causes microcephaly?

The congenital condition is often caused by prenatal infections, including exposure to the Zika virus, chickenpox, rubella, toxoplasma and cytomegalovirus. Genetic mutations, substance abuse, poor nutrition, and exposure to toxic chemicals can also result in a mother giving birth to a child with microcephaly.

The condition can also appear after the child is born due to genetic mutations, traumatic brain injury, lack of oxygen to the brain and brain infection.

Children with microcephaly are usually dwarfed, have facial deformities, have vision and hearing problems and experience seizures. Mothers are advised to visit medical specialists to get help on managing the special condition.

Where is Zanziman Ellie now?

Today, Ellie has been enrolled at a special needs school in the Ubumwe Community Center, Gisenyi, Rwanda, where he has made many friends.

Zanziman Ellie’s mother

His biological mom loves him to so dearly despite his condition, calling him her beloved child. In an interview, his gushing mother portrayed him as her wonder.

Prior to the time, she lost five kids in view of the unforgiving conditions. She concluded that she and her husband should plead to God constantly for a kid.

Zanziman Ellie’s mother revealed in an interview with Afrimax TV that she prayed to have a baby, and when she finally got one, her situation worsened. Zanziman Ellie’s family was poor, and she struggled to make ends meet. Ellie is a rare blessing to his mother, who had difficulty conceiving and lost her first five children. His father passed away when he was still an infant.

Zanziman Ellie’s net worth

Thanks to good people and societies across the world. The story of Zanziman Ellie has changed and he is now living a normal life. Zanziman Ellie’s house, built by well-wishers, has three bedrooms, and he regularly wears well-fitting suits to school. The exact amount donated is not known, but it has enabled Ellie to care for his once jungle family.


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