Zodwa Wabantu 11 abortions story: Everything to know

Zodwa Wabantu 11 abortions: In the recent episode of Zodwa Wabantu‘s reality show, titled “Zodwa Wabantu: Uncensored”, the star dancer left viewers dump-founded after she opened up about her secretly terminated pregnancies. zodwa Wabantu 11 abortions story will be discussed in this article.

Zodwa Wabantu 11 abortions – How it happen

As revealed by the dancer, a “mysterious man” met her and told her that she had to buy clothes for her children. After questioning the ‘anonymous’ man concerning the message he had given to her, she was told it meant that she either had a miscarriage or an abortion. She was told a cleansing ceremony was supposed to be performed to appease the spirits of the “departed children”.

zodwa wabantu 11 abortions

The man said: “If a child passed away because of a miscarriage you need to acknowledge and cleanse that child. That child is also treated as a child that is living.” He added that it was important for one to acknowledge, cleanse and speak to these children.

In the process of shopping for some clothes in preparation for the cleansing ceremony, Wabantu revealed that in her lifetime she had terminated about 11 pregnancies.

Wabantu said: Me to you, the number of abortions I have done in my entire life is about 11.” Since she did not know the gender of any of the foetuses, she decided to buy a mixture of colours – blues, pinks and yellows. Wabantu and the sangoma then prepared sweets, biscuits and milk for the departed children.

Zodwa Wabantu’s confession has left many fans speechless, many has appreciated her for her level of honesty, others netizens have accused her for looking for public attention. Watch video below;

Below are some reactions on Twitter

zodwa wabantu 11 abortions

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