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7 Signs You Should Not Marry Him or Her

A lot of people are stuck in a relationship that they know in their hearts are not right them.

Signs you should not marry him or her
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We may notice but ignore the warning signs. So, here are 7 signs that indicates you should not marry him or her:

  1. You guys do not feel good enough about each other: Your partner should practically inspire you to be a better person. However, if you feel you are not beautiful enough, intelligent enough, or rich enough, you would feel resentful and unhappy.
  2. You do not trust him or her: If you are the kind of person that constantly check on their social media accounts and their phones when you are with them or not, then I suggest you have trust issues.
  3. Your friends and family do not like him or her: If you folks disapprove of them then, I suggest you take their judgment seriously and not be resentful. They might have seen something you didn’t see because you are love-struck.
  4. You do not like yourself when you are with him or her: You do not have to be pretend when you are around your partner. If you notice that you behave in a way to suit their desires. My dear, they are not the right kind of person for you.
  5. You know in your gut that him or her is not right for you: If you have doubts or fears that you ignore sometimes but it resurfaces, then I think you should trust your instincts and follow your heart. You might also talk to him or her about it.
  6. You are afraid of being alone: Yes, you might be lonely most of the time. But, believe me when I say, it is better to be alone especially when you know that he does not ‘set your heart on fire’ when you are with him or her.
  7. When you imagine your future together, you imagine it changing a lot: If you believe that he or she will change their ways when you guys get married then, I am telling you it will never occur. You are wrong because, in reality, they do not change especially when you guys has gone ahead to get married.
 signs you should not marry him or her
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How To Know If You Should Marry Him or Her


With these few points, I believe you can agree with me that he or she is the right one for you or if you think otherwise, good for you.

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