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  • Hot Stone Pedicure: Procedure, Benefits,

    Hot stone pedicures are available in all salons that have a special foot spa. It costs a little more than the normal pedicure, but trust me, it will be worth the money. When benefits of pedicure for your body and mind is so special, then take an important foot care tip from me. What to do before a hot stone…

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  • Fevers at Night gone in the morning: Causes, Treatment

    When you have a cold, have you ever wondered why you suddenly feel ten times worse at night? It’s bad enough during the day, with the congestion, headaches, and fever, but at night your symptoms become a real nightmare. This article will explain to you the causes of Fever at Night and why they are gone in the morning. Effects…

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  • 7 Health Benefits of Eating Bates Fruit Every Day

    Benefits of Consuming Bates Fruit Bates Fruit happens to be a non-popular fruit which we hardly think of when we want to buy and eat healthy fruits but it’ s really good for our body only if we know it’ s benefits. Let’s look at the health benefits of consuming bates fruit daily. 1. Bates helps to reduce cholesterol levels…

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  • Feeling Weak and Shaky: Causes and Treatment

    Feeling weak and shaky or tired is the sign of many health conditions. In other cases, it can be easily treated but on the other hand, these could be a life-threatening condition, which should be properly checked to avoid any future complications. Feeling Weak and Shaky These conditions accompany other symptoms, which vary, depending on the underlying disease. It can…

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  • Benefits of Cucumber for men’s health

    The benefits of Cucumber for men’s health cannot be overemphasized. There are various vegetables which are good for a man’s body, I will be talking about the benefits of Cucumbers not just for men but generally. Cucumber has numerous health benefits. What Are The Benefits of Cucumber For Men’s Health? The health benefits of cucumbers are numerous especially when it…

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  • Why does my virgin smell like onions?

    If you are asking ‘why does my vagina smell like onions?’ then read on. Onion vagina is a real thing, nothing to be ashamed of. There are many different types of vaginas and many things that go wrong with them. I once had onion vagina so badly that when I walked into my living room, my roommate asked if I had just…

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  • How far away should your cell phone be when you sleep?

    Recent research has proven that sleeping next to your phone either at night or day can be hazardous to you. But How far away should your cell phone be when you sleep? How far away should your cell phone be when you sleep? It feels great to sleep next to your phone so you’ll never miss a call, text, or…

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  • Dangers Of Eating Snake Meat And Why You Should Avoid It

    One of the long-standing customs that is still followed today is the eating of snakes. Because they think it includes a high level of fat and protein, certain people in nations like China and many others in Africa also eat snake flesh. But what are the Dangers Of Eating Snake Meat? Dangers Of Eating Snake Meat There is little to…

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  • How To Make Bitterleaf And Scent Leaf Juice

    Both bitter leaf and scent leaf are traditional herbs with therapeutic uses. They contain healthy nutrients for a person’s body, such as calcium, carbon, vitamin A, potassium, and iron. Bitter leaf is a typical leaf that is present in most of Africa and is particularly widespread in Nigeria and other West African countries. Scent Leaf and Bitter Leaf Juice Health…

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  • Health Benefits of Garden Egg Leaves And Milk

    Garden egg leaf, like other vegetables, includes vital components including vitamins and minerals in a sufficient amount that are needed for enhancing human health. These veggies are renowned for naturally raising blood pressure, especially when consumed raw. It is known as Akwukwo Anyara in Igbo in West Africa, particularly in Nigeria, where it is widely distributed. Its seed is also…

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