• Kudiwave review: How Kudiwave Solves It Best With Dollar Cards

    In Nigeria, we know how difficult it is to shop with our money  overseas. But we, at Kudiwave, have the solution you need to solve this problem. Virtual dollar cards.   Rather than let the problem persist, we decided that enough is  enough. It isn’t fair that we get left behind when it comes to  international spending, when other countries can spend …

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  • List of all Radio Stations in Nigeria & their frequencies

    The entire media outlets (TV, radio, internet, etc.) undoubtedly controls the world to a huge extent. But how many active radio stations do we have in Nigeria today? This article is here to enlighten you about the list of radio stations we have in Nigeria, their owners and location. Let’s examine some stats and figures about radio stations all around…

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  • Who is the world’s slimmest person? Meet 5 Skinniest Person In The World 2023

    Who is the world’s slimmest person? Meet 5 Skinniest Person In The World 2022: Without further ado, let’s get started. In this article, we’ll examine the top 5 skinniest people in the world, both naturally occurring and created by humans. Who is the world’s slimmest person? Weight loss most times leaves its victim unhappy especially when it eats too deep…

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  • who is the richest man in Nigeria

    Who is the richest man in Nigeria and his Net worth?

    Who is the richest man in Nigeria and how does he make his wealth? Since many of us are wondering who the richest man in Nigeria is, I’ll show you who the richest man in Nigeria is and also 19 other men who are billionaires and millionaires. Who is the richest man in Nigeria? The richest man in Nigeria today…

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  • Johannesburg Language: What Language is Spoken in South Africa Johannesburg?

    Journeying to South Africa can be quiet a stressful one, especially with communication and language gap between you and the locals. When you’re in Johannesburg, which has nearly five million inhabitants, this problem only escalates as you’re surrounded by different races, ethnicities, and languages, including English, Afrikaans, Zulu and Xhosa. Understanding how you can find your ways around this myriad…

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  • Where Does KFC Get their Chicken in South Africa?

    Having 800+ locations, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has been a fast food mainstay for several decades. At any of these locations around the world, you’ll find crispy chicken with all of your favourite sides and desserts. As many customers in south Africa enjoy the delicacies of KFC, others are asking, Where Does KFC Get their Chicken in South Africa? and…

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  • Who is the richest actor in Nigeria – Top 10

    Acting is one of the highest-paying careers in Nigeria. Additionally, Nollywood not only benefits actors. Scriptwriters, producers, directors, costume designers, make-up artists, and more people are making it big in this industry. But who is the richest actor in Nigeria? Richest Actor in Nigeria – Top 10 JIM IYKE The immaculate Jim Iyke is the richest actor in Nigeria with…

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  • Top 10 Biggest Estate in Nigeria and their Price

    Real Estate in Nigeria has proven to be on of the most reliable platform of investment that spans over a decade. For many it’s their mean of acquiring passive income while for others it’s simply for pleasure. Whichever is the case, I’ll be showing you the biggest real estate in Nigeria. Using data gathered by, Nigeria’s largest property portal, the…

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  • What is the most liveable city in the world?

    These are the most liveable cities in the world A recent survey in 2022 has ranked 173 cities according to factors such as; healthcare, political stability and access to green space, among the most liveable cities in the world. Are you looking for a fresh start in life? Like traveling abroad? It can quite difficult to know where to start…

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  • Youngest pornstar: Top 5 Beautiful Cutest PrnStars

    Amber Mary Rose (born July 4, 2001) is a Lesbian pornstar, model, investor, and member of various company boards. At age 19 she is the youngest person in the world with a net worth over $1 Billion, with her net worth at $722.6 Billion as of April 22, 2021, making her the richest person in the world. Amber Rose is the only living…

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