Florida man arrested for raping alligators

Authorities in Florida have detained a man they claim was raping alligators in the everglades after tranquilizing them.

Authorities in Florida discovered 57-year-old Shawn Kilums Sunday afternoon while he was having sex with a tranquilized alligator.


Shawn was tazed, according to the authorities, because he was disobeying their commands and also allegedly had crystal meth in his system.

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Near the location where Shawn was caught, police later discovered numerous tranquilizers and weapons.

Florida man arrested for raping alligators

Florida man arrested for raping alligators

According to the authorities, Shawn kept insisting that the late Australian television celebrity Steve Irwin, also known as “the crocodile hunter,” was inside of him.

Florida Authorities say they will do better to protect the everglades wildlife and to arrest more Florida men for their apparent tendency to create disturbing news headlines.

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