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Libianca was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where both of her parents lived, despite the fact that she was from Bamenda, Cameroon. However, she moved to Bamenda with her mother and brother when she was four years old, going back to the nation of her parents’ birth.


But because he needed to work to support his family, her father was compelled to stay in the United States. Libianca has always been a vocalist . When she was younger, her babysitter inspired her.

After moving to Cameroon at age 9, she enrolled in an all-girls boarding school where she developed a passion for music and started writing songs.

Libianca Profile Summary

Stage Name: Libianca
Real Name: Libianca Kenzonkinboum Fonji
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, and Audio Engineer
Date Of Birth/Age: 2001 (22) Years Old
Place of Birth: Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Gender: Female
Nationality: Cameroonian
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5 ft  5 in
Net Worth: $700,000

She returned to the United States at the age of 13, so fortune was on her side. Up until she returned to the US, she continued to sing songs. She had previously planned to release numerous songs, including “Level,” “Revenge” in 2019 and “My Place” in 2020.

Libianca Fonji

Afrobeats’ catchy melody and energy are combined with the percussive and electronic vibes of electronic dance music by Libianca, a passionate Cameroonian-American pop singer, to produce a sound that is like a breath of fresh air.

This is evident in her wildly popular song “People.” The songbird draws us into her world with her raw vocals as she rides the beat in perfect harmony and travels the alluring trails of stress and unhappiness in her daily life.

Her cyclothymia served as the inspiration for “People,” her breakout song from 2022, which had over 22 million Spotify streams.


There is no information on Libianca’s family; all that is known about them is that Mr. Fonji stayed in the United States when Libianca, her mother, Mrs. Fonji, and her brother returned to Cameroon. As a result, the size of the entire family is now unknown.


Her parents’ names are Mr. and Mrs. Fonji, but little is known about them other the fact that they are from Bamenda, Cameroon, but have also resided in Minneapolis.

Libianca’s siblings

No information is available regarding Libianca’s siblings. The same holds true for her siblings. She does, however, have a sibling, and that is known. He might not be her only sibling, though.


Libianca Fonji

Labianca rose to fame after taking part in the 21st season of “The Voice,” a singing contest and talent show. Singer Ariana Grande took over Nick Jonas’ position as a judge throughout the season. Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Blake, and Shelton all made a comeback.

During her blind auditions, Libianca performed “Good Day” by SZA. Her performance left the judges speechless, which led Blake and Ariana to quarrel over her.

After examining both judges, Libianca ultimately decided on Blake as her coach since she felt he would mostly support her during the competition.

Libianca’s captivating singing helped her win over a devoted audience very soon because she was already eager to share her skills and compassion with the world. Libianca is a multi-talented musician with an amazing voice, a charming demeanor, and an alluring personality.

She can mix, engineer, write songs, and artistically direct. While recording in her dorm room, she taught herself how to mix and master her songs.


It is unknown who Libianca is dating and if she’s dating at all.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of the American singer, performer, and songwriter is over $700,000.


Libianca hasn’t shown off any automobiles to the media, but she certainly has some choice in her garage.


Suppose Libianca is trying to be private about her side of life. In that case, she’s doing an excellent job as there isn’t much personal information about her in the media, including her residence.

Record LabelLibianca, Yours Truly, Artists, June 26, 2023

She has contracts with RCA and 5K Records. She joins the amazing group of black women who have signed record deals with the corporation in order to capitalize on their skills.

The American record label RCA Records is currently owned by Sony Music Entertainment, a branch of Sony Corporation of America. It is one of Sony Music’s four flagship labels, along with Columbia Records, RCA’s former archrival Arista Records, Epic Records, and others.

Numerous musical genres, including pop, classical, rock, hip hop, afrobeat, electronic, R&B, blues, jazz, and country, have been represented by the company’s song releases. Its old parent company, The Radio Corporation of America, served as the name’s inspiration.

RCA Records, the Victor Talking Machine Company’s corporate successor, was established in 1901, making it the second-oldest record label in American history, after sister company Columbia Records, founded in 1889.

The Voice

Libianca, Yours Truly, Artists, June 26, 2023

Labianca rose to fame after participating in the 21st season of the singing contest and talent show “The Voice.”
During the season, singer Ariana Grande replaced judge Nick Jonas. Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, and John Legend also returned as judges.

Libianca performed “Good Day” by SZA during her blind auditions. Her performance roused the panel of judges, causing an argument between Blake and Ariana. Libianca considered both judges before selecting Blake as her coach.

Ariana Grande, a new judge on the popular series, was chosen by Blake Shelton to perform a duet of “Save Your Tears (Remix),” which was originally recorded by The Weeknd and Grande. Additionally, Blake noted that Libianca had a distinctive voice and “such a different tone.”

Before exiting the contest, she was within the Top 20 and displayed her incredible talent.

The American singing reality competition television series The Voice is broadcast on NBC. On April 26, 2011, it made its television premiere during the spring TV season. It is a part of the The Voice series and is based on the original The Voice of Holland.

It has twenty-two seasons and is a competition for aspiring singers, ages 13 and older, selected from open auditions, to unearth unknown singing ability (solo or duets, professional and amateur).

Votes cast by television viewers via phone, internet, SMS text messages, and iTunes Store purchases of the artists’ vocal performances determine the winner. For winning the contest, they receive $100,000 and a record deal with Universal Music Group.


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