Maurice Oldham cause of death

Maurice Oldham was born on December 30, 1958, in Princeton, New Jersey, United States and he passed away on May 21, 2007, in Los Angeles, California, United States. Maurice Oldman died at the age of 48 years.


Maurice Oldham cause of death

When he was still alive, Maurice Oldman worked as a photographer and was an expert in his field. Kimberly Elise Trammel, an American actress for television and movies, was the spouse of Maurice Oldham. She was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the United States, on April 17, 1967. As of July 2022, she is 55 years old.

Kimberly Elise Trammel and Maurice Oldham were wed in 1989, and their marriage ended in divorce in 2005. Two children, Butterfly Rose Oldham and AjaBleu Oldham, were born into their union.

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Maurice Clifton Oldham, the father, and Mamie Oldham, the mother, are Maurice Oldham’s parents. It is known that he has a sister named Wendy Oldham as a sibling.

Maurice Oldham’s net worth was recorded at the time of his death as two million dollars. His source of income was from being a photographer.

Maurice Oldham cause of death

Maurice Oldham passed away as a result of having a massive blood clot.

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