Ondriel Smith Tulsa Trial Update:

Ondriel Smith Sentenced To Death: Tulsa man Ondriel Smith’s trial verdict has deemed him guilty of double murder. Find out more about the shooting case. Odriel Smith reportedly shot and killed two brothers, Keith, and Glynn Williams, in September 2018. Here is everything you need to know:


Ondriel Smith Tulsa Trial Update

Ondriel Smith Tulsa Trial Update

He was associated with or involved in a string of assaults on jail personnel while working at the Tulsa County Jail, which culminated and was later added to his criminal records.

The accused individual was facing more than six criminal indictments, and the authorities wanted a severe punishment for him due to his reckless behavior while incarcerated.

Ondriel was given the death penalty recommendation by the director of the police and prison system for violating prison regulations and endangering the safety of an insider officer.

Tulsa Man Ondriel Smith Trial Verdict: Double Murder Charge

Tulsa resident Ondriel Smith is accused of committing two murders after killing the Williams brothers in 2018.

In the 5600 block of East Skelly Drive, a parking lot facility was where the murderer attacked the innocent brothers.

The individual had a history of arrests, according to Steve Kunzweiler, the district attorney of the council where Ondriel was imprisoned.

The officer at the higher table commented that his department supported the death penalty for the person who had lost all humanity.

In just 33 days, Ondriel shot five people and was found guilty of being a felon who engaged in jail misconduct. In that brutal incident, two out of the total five shooters met their sad deaths.

Ondriel was previously indicted of shooting his ex-partner after minor disputes in her leg. He also attacked another man and shot him with the intention of killing him.

The diverged mind first killed Keith and then attacked Glynn, as he was present at the crime scene and could be the evidence of Ondriel’s arrest.

Criminal Ondriel Smith Sentenced To Death Penalty For Murder

Ondriel Smith attacked and assaulted a jail officer on September 15, 2020, causing a significant riot in the Tulsa County Prison.

Additionally, he made death threats against two additional detaining officers who took his contraband and charger.

Ondriel was finally given the death penalty after the district attorney argued for him for a year over his criminal intent.

The horrible murder of Keith and Glynn Williams was the result of more than a dozen horrifying criminal reports that he had indexed.

A Look At Ondriel Smith’s Wife And Family Details

Ondriel Smith’s marital status and any potential family members or ties are not revealed in great detail. The culprit is known to have shot his ex-girlfriend in the leg after allegedly assaulting her in a domestic violence incident.

The public records have been devoid of anything about his parents, including their whereabouts and the identities of any children he may have.

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