Watch Video: Girl paralyzed by crate challenge

A video of a woman participating in the milk crate challenge has gone viral on social media, and as a result, it has elicited a range of responses from internet users.

Undoubtedly, the milk crate challenge has been a hot topic online. While many of the videos that have been extensively shared online show horrific collapses, a handful have featured individuals who managed to complete the challenge without falling. One woman managed to ascend a pyramid while donning heels.


Additionally, falling during the challenge has resulted in several injuries, such as broken wrists, dislocated shoulders, torn rotator cuffs and ACLs, meniscus tears, and even spinal cord injuries.

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In the viral video, a woman takes part in the milk crate challenge, which ultimately puts her in a situation where she is virtually at a standstill.

Girl paralyzed by crate challenge

The woman completely loses control halfway through the milk crate challenge, falling from the top of the somewhat long crate to the ground.

The woman collapsed to the ground and the individuals filming were forced to halt their work before running to help her.

However, material that circulates online reveals that the woman’s spinal cord fracture has left her permanently paralyzed.

Girl paralyzed by crate challenge

Watch video below:


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