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5 Types of Butts and Clothes That Fits Them Perfectly

No butts are the same.

If you know your breast size then, it is vital that know your butt size to know the kind of clothes that fits you properly.

Butts shape
Butts shape (Bellisima fitness)

According to a plastic surgeon, the shape of your butt is determined by your pelvis and hip bones, the way your muscles are attached to your thighs, the size of your gluteal muscles and the distribution of fat to those region.

The following are the categorisation of the women’s butt:

  1. The H shape
  2. The C or O shape
  3. The A shape
  4. The inverted V shape
  5. The inverted heart shape

The H shape

Butts shape
H shape (Endo systems, LCC)

The H shape can be called a flat butt. It is a square butt where your hip and thigh run parallel.

Women that have H shape wear more flared skirts, gowns and baggy trousers. Stay away from jumpsuits except they are flared.

The C or O shape

Butts shape
C shape (WAMA Underwear)

This is a round butt. We see them on many celebrities like Beyonce or Kim K. Here, the fat is stored at the middle of the butt giving it the round shape.

They wear almost everything most especially jeans. Short gowns and skirts will rise up easily and she might spend time adjusting them.

The A shape

Butts shape
A shape (234gist)

This is for women with wider physique. They seems to have more hip than fats in their bum. A bodycon gown would fit them perfectly and bring the shape rather than a jean.

The inverted V shape

Butts shape
Inverted V shape (Bellisima fitness)

Here, all the fat gathered around the upper portion of the butt near the waistline and reduces at the lower portion. This creates a V-shaped butt.

They sticks to flared gowns and skirts. Short gowns and shorts looks nice on them.

The inverted heart shape

Butts shape
Inverted heart shape (Online Satami)

It is also called an apple bottom bum. The fats gathered at the bottom like an upside-down heart.

They wear every thing due to their butt shape.


With the information provided on butt shapes, you can be able to identify your kind of shape and also clothes that fit you.

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