Vawulence Meaning: What does the slang “Vawulence” mean?

What does the nigerian slang Vawulence mean?


The word “Vawulence” is another word for the usual term “Violence” It is a Nigerian slang that started as a means of escaping Facebook ban and restrictions in comment section for using the original phrase “violence” that seems to has been blacklisted.

For example: She never expected herself to be welcomed with premium vawulence.

Vawulence is a popular phrase used on the internet and it has its origion in the Republic of Nigeria. There are several meanings to the phrase Vawulenece; it can mean difficulty, harshness, ferocity, silence, and the unadulterated, raw reality

The real meaning of vawulence​

Vawulence is simply a joke created with the primary purpose of putting laughter on the face of people. And that is why all vawulence memes are prepared in such a way that they’re undoubtably hilarious. If vawulence memes don’t make you laugh, what else will?

Twitter users are used to vawulence that a number of users now even use it as their display name, if you haven’t been dragged like tiger generator or seen someone dragged like tiger gen on Twitter, you may have challenges understanding this paragraph.

The history of vawulence​

However, the word vawulence was coined out from the word “violence” as we all know, no one would like to be seen as a promoter of violence and in a society looking forward to the achievement of peace, violence can be a drawback. The word “vawulence” can now be added in a shocking statement to make the person referred to not get worried but consider it a joke. Due to the constant use of the word spelt “vawulence”, it is now the officially accepted spelling for violence in joke parlance.\


How to apply vawulence in your chat or comment​

In as much as majority consider vawulence hilarious, there are people who might not see it the same and then the need to access someone’s sense of humor before engaging with them using vawulence. However, as a comrade, peace isn’t usually an option when this is the case, nothing stops you from dishing it our fire by fire.

The use of laughing emojis can be used to express that this is a vawulence speak and shouldn’t be taken seriously, this is applicable if you care. If you don’t care at all, you better leave your savage undiluted and see other comrades applaud you.

Who is a comrade?​

A comrade or rather vawulence comrade is a person who likes vawulence. It is often evident from their speech, post or reply and they have a good number of supporting materials (comrade photos) while vawulence is the only way to go if you don’t want others to use mouth and finish you online. They understand that vawulence is best served online and never to engage in a physical fight.

Registered comrades are people who have created account on www.vawulence.ng, active comrades are people who are actively paddling t he canoe of vawulence to make sure it is not sinked by peace. Once you grab your vawulence enrollment form by clicking on the signup button on Vawulence.ng, then you are good to go as you would meet other strong comrades who will compete with you in a number of specified categories. The more wawulent you’re the more ranks you will acquire.

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