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50+ Jamaican curse words and meaning

These are just some of the popular Jamaican curse words/phrases.


Batty – ass
Batty bwoy, batty man – a gay person
Batty hole – anus, asshole
Bloodclaat – curse word ref. to sanitary napkin
Bright – rude
Buddy, wood, hood, hose, cocky  – privates, penis
Bugga, buggaman – gay, Sissy, someone who participates in anal sex
Buggary – anal sex
Bumboclaat – curse word ref. to used toilet tissue
But a wah di rass – what the f*ck
Dutty – dirty
Dutty gyal – dirty bitch
Frass – stoned, wasted
Fuckery – bleeped up, bullsh*t
Fyah fi yu – burn in hell
Ganja – marijuana, weed
Gwey – go away, f*ck off
Gyal – girl (in other contexts – bitch)
Him a play numba two – he’s a gay
Infant-killa – pedophile
Licky-licky – someone who gives MouthAction
Lossaz – slut, loose woman
Mampy, mampy crab – fat bitch
Nuh ramp wid mi – don’t f*ck wit me
Punaani, pum-pum – pussy
Rass – ass
Renk – stinking, rude
Rent-a-dread – fake Rastafarian man LovePeddler with dreadlocks
Sketel, sketel-bomb, sketz, skud-missile – slut
Sodomite – dyke (lesbian)
Yu face fava sh*t – your face looks like sh*t
A wah di rass clot yuh chat bout? – what tha f*ck are you talking about?
Boom dogg – a promiscuous woman
Di gyal have one nice piece ah chest yuh see – that girl has nice breasts
Ah wha di…? – what the…?
To rass! – f*ck you!
Yu rass cleat haad eaz – you are damn stubborn
A fuckery d@t – that’s f*cked up
Rhaatid! – hell!
Mantel – male LovePeddler
Yuh deh pon skunt – you’re talking/doing nonsense
A wha yuh feel like – what do you think you’re doing
Yuh haunted fassy – you’re feeling crazy
No come to me wid them aagiment deh – don’t come to me with that type of story
Gunkona – go f*ck yourself!
A wah di bloodclaat dew yuh? – what the f*ck is wrong with you?
Skunt – cunt (pussy)

10 Jamaican Curse Words and Their Meaning

Jamaican curse words are mainly used to express emotions. These emotions include grief, anger, disgust, surprise, hate,

The following are 10 Jamaican Curse words, how they are applied and what they mean.

1. Bumbo

The word “bumbo” means buttocks and it is normally suffixed with other patois terms to enhance its meaning, e.g. bumboclaat, bumbohole, bumbocleet;

Example: (Patois) Bumbo! Mi fone just drop inna di wata
(English) F*ck! My phone just fell into the water

2. Kiss mi raas

It is translated as ‘Kiss my ass’ my ass in English.

Example: (Patois) Mi nuh like yuh! Cum kiss mi raas
(English) I don’t like you! Come kiss my ass

3. Bumboclaat

As I earlier said, Bumbo means bottom. Claat is the Jamaican pronunciation of cloth. It, therefore, entails that, “Bumboclaat” either refers to menstrual pads or toilet paper.

Example: (Patois) Yuh a bumboclaat ediat!
(English) You are a f*cking idiot!

4. Suck yuh mada

English Translation: Suck your mother

This is a very offensive curse phrase used to disrespect someone while indirectly, also disrespecting their mother.

This term is used to tell someone to perform oral sex on their mother. Directing this phrase at some Jamaicans is often taken personally and will probably result in a fight.

Example Sentences(Patois) Leff mi a bloodclaat lone and guh suck yuh mada
(English) Leave me the f*ck alone and go suck your mother

5. Kiss mi raas

English Translation: Kiss my ass

Example Sentences (Patois) Mi nuh like yuh! Cum kiss mi raas

(English) I don’t like you! Come kiss my ass

6. Batty hole

English Translation: Asshole

Example Sentences(Patois) Yuh know seh yuh a real battyhole?

(English) Do you know that you are a real asshole?

7. Pussyhole

Definition: Curse word used to refer to someone who is strongly disliked

Example Sentences( Patois) Pussyhole! Gi mi yuh money

(English) Motherf**ker! Give me your money

7. Bloodclaat

English Translation: Blood Cloth

Bloodclaat is often used as an adjective when cussing. The direct translation is Blood Cloth, meaning a sanitary towel!

if someone calls you a bloodclaat they are implying that you are the recipricant of body waste! In simpler terms, you are filthy

Example Sentences(Patois) Yuh is a bloodclaat fool!
(English) You are a f*cking fool!

8. Bumbohole

English Translation: Asshole

Example Sentences(Patois) Di bumbohole jus tief mi fone

(English) The asshole just stole my phone!

9. Blood Fyah

English Translation: Blood Fire

Definition: A mild curse word, normally used when one is shocked.

Example Sentences(Patois) Blood Fyah, di car jus lick di goat.

(English) Holy Sh*t, the car just hit the goat

10. Raasclaat

English Translation: Bum Cloth

Definition: Your ‘raas’ is your bum, ‘claat’ is a cloth, so raasclaat means toilet paper! This is the actual meaning, but it is often used as an adjective when expressing dissatisfaction. One would be comparing something to toilet paper, waste…

Example Sentences(Patois) Shut yuh raasclaat mout!

(English) Shut your filthy mouth.

Other curse words

Brown dogg
Blouse in skirt
Blow wow
Blurtnawt, blurtneet

FAQs on Jamaican curse words

What are Jamaican swear words?

Jamaican Patois has its own rich variety of swearwords. One of the strongest is bloodclaat (along with related forms raasclaat, bomboclaat, pussyclaat and others—compare with bloody in Australian English and British English, which is also considered a profanity).

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