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5 Amazing Similarities Between The Yourba and The Korean Cultures

There are similarities between the Yoruba and the Korean cultures. Each culture has many features and elements that shape their faces. Despite their cultural differences, they share similar perspectives in various cultural ways.

Similarities in culture is associated with shared social cues and provides an emotional bond for people sharing similar cultural backgrounds. Thus, in the relationship between cultures, each has its similarities and differences.

Amazing similarities between Korean and Yourba culture
Yourba culture (Pinterest)

There are similarities between different cultures in some places even though, the people speak diverse languages and even have dissimilar skin colours. An illustration is between the Yourba and the Korean culture.

Amazing similarities between Korean and Yoruba culture
Korean culture (Pinterest)

The similarities include:

  • In their movies, their culture is heavily rooted
  • Their extended family stays together
  • They value their ancestors
  • Their way of respect
  • The way they greet

1. In their movies, their culture is heavily rooted

A lot of Korean dramas shows their rich Korean culture, integrating their manner of greeting and their beliefs. The Nollywood aspect of Yourba films portrays Yoruba culture in terms of language, beliefs and even the modes of greeting.

In Yoruba conversations in movies, there is a manner in which pronouns used echoes respect. Unlike the English language where “you” is used regardless of age, the Yoruba language requires pronunciation of the “e” like in “egg” when speaking to someone older, and this is also used with two or more people or visitors irrespective of age.

The sound “o” as pronounced in “ok” is used to address a friend of the same age. And when calling someone by name, a title like sister, aunt, brother or uncle precedes the person’s name as a sign of respect.

While, Korean uses an extensive system of honorifics to reflect the speaker’s relationship to the subject of a sentence and speech levels to mirror the speaker’s relationship to the audience. For example, gratitude to a friend or a relative can be expressed by saying “Gomawoyo” but to someone older or in a formal situation, the proper expression is “Gamsahamnida” or “Daedanhee gamsahamnida.”

2. Their extended family stays together

Amazing similarities between Korean and Yourba culture
Korean extended family (Pinterest)

Living together is one of the similarities between the Yourba and Korean cultures. This strengthens the family relationships and foster peace in the family.

Yoruba culture embraces cooperative style of living and you can find situations where family households consisting of three or more generations all living together in one big compound.

The korean culture emulate the Yourbas by cohabiting together in one household. This promote peace and unity in the family. This mannerism of living has been adopted from generation to generation.

3. They value their ancestors

The Yorubas in Nigeria have a rich cultural lineage with several unique practices that have been passed down through generations. This is also applicable to the Korean culture that treasures their ancestry lineage and beliefs.

Hence, they absolutely do not jest with their ancestors. There is a means of remembrance done for ancestors which includes some rites performed, such as praying for the dead, eating, drinking and so on.

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4. Their way of respect

Amazing similarities between Korean and Yourba culture
Korean’s way of greeting (Pinterest)

Respect is a vital aspect of both Korean and Yoruba cultures and integrated into everyday manners of speech, eating, greeting, drinking and even smoking. Both cultures hold respect in high regard, and to them, respect is not just a tradition passed down through generations but a way of life.

Hence, respect is one of the most substantial cultural similarities between Nigeria and Korea, emphasis placed on respect for elders. Both countries place a high value on the wisdom and experience of older generations, and it is considered an essential part of their culture to show deference and respect to those who are older.

In Yoruba tradition, respect is an important aspect and serves as a symbol of both peace and order. The manner of greeting is one of the first things a stranger notices about the Yoruba system of respect.

A male is expected to greet an older person with a bow or prostration and a female with a kneel. Respect is also shown by putting one’s arms behind his or her back when talking to adults, though the age difference between people and their upbringing also play a role.

In Korea, respect for others based on seniority, which is a pillar of the nation’s Confucian tradition. Seniority is based on age, position in the family or a job like a teacher. Respect is deeply imbedded into every fibre of the Korean way of life like manner of speaking, greeting, eating, drinking and even how one smokes a cigarette.

5. The way they greet

Amazing similarities between Korean and Yourba culture
Yourba’s way of greeting (Goggle)

The manners of greeting is another similarities between the Yoruba and Korean culture. It is not just talking between elderly people but, to the younger peers.

Around the world, people use different languages to interact with each other. Even if we cannot communicate fluently in any language, it will always be useful to know about some of the common greetings or phrases from that language. This is where Korean and Yoruba greetings helps you to understand basic phrases in Korean and Yoruba language.

For instance, the Korean word for “Hello” is “annyeonghaseyo” while the Yoruba word for “Thank You” is “e dupe”. These greetings will help you to be more confident when speaking with natives that speak these languages.

Moreover, showing respect for elders, the Koreans and Yorubas have a similar way of greeting elders. Greetings can come in the form of kneeling or bowing for elders. The Koreans also see bowing as the proper way of saying goodbye to older people.

Cultural similarities between Yourba and Korea


Despite the differences between the Yourba and the Korean cultures, they share some similarities that has bridge across their differences. Hence, their culture has brought people together and enhance social cohesion, peace and security. It has also brought an environment where conflicts are resolved peacefully, and social justice and equality are upheld.

It is important to know that a culture of peace recognizes interconnection of people and that our actions foster a shared belief in the principles of non-violence, tolerance, understanding, and respect.

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