Ann Coulter Feet: Ann Coulter refuses to let Gamer touch Her feet

Wow. Coulter, Ann. Could she possibly be worse? She has a reputation for being a monster with awful ideas, but yesterday during a Q&A session, she really came out in full force.

Young male gamer Joshua Grossman, who strongly disagrees with most of what Ann says, mustered the confidence to speak up and demonstrate his willingness to reach a compromise.


“Hi, Ann. I’d like to touch your feet. Do you mind?

“No, of course not,” shot back Coulter, refusing to show even the littlest bit of humanity. “This is a Q&A session.”

The young man said, “I’ll explain,”

“Ann, I’ve been playing video games for 42 years, and I’m a gamer. Although I strongly disagree with most of what you have to say, I am a fellow human being, and I would like to touch your feet in order to respect that.

Ann Coulter Feet

You are saying that all of your opinions are false if you won’t let me touch your feet. Although everyone who watches this film will know you’re a nasty person, that isn’t my intention. All I want to do is touch your feet.

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Coulter remained frigid and stern, saying, “No, let’s move on.”

The young man was taken aback. “I have Photoshop,” he said. “I’m going to see your feet one way or another.”

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