What Happened To Gideon Yapp From Lancaster CA?

What Happened To Gideon Yapp From Lancaster CA? Gideon Yapp’s tale has recently resurfaced on social media. What happened to him? On Reddit, you’ll find all you need to know about the racist video from Eastside High School.


Gideon Yapp is a high school student who aggressively insulted his teacher.

Indeed, he has resurfaced on social media, as many people wonder what happened to the bigoted high school student who abused his teacher.

In fact, he stormed into his class in 2017 and shouted at his instructor the N-word.

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Furthermore, Yapp was one of the most reviled people on the internet for a long time following the occurrence. People are now re-watching his film to remind themselves of him.


What Happened To Gideon Yapp From Lancaster CA?

According to online sources, Gideon Yapp abused his physics instructor racially on May 25, 2017.

Furthermore, the high school student stepped into Franklin Hsu’s Asian teacher’s class and insulted him verbally.

He also used the N-word and made insulting statements about Hsu’s race and ethnicity.

A video of the occurrence has gone viral, and it continues resurfacing on the internet. As we get closer to May 2022, the video is growing more popular on social media sites like Reddit and Twitter.


Gideon Yapp Parents: Robert And Karina Yapp Whereabouts Today

Gideon Yapp was born in California to parents Robert Yapp and Karina Yapp and grew up in Lancaster.

Gideon Yapp has kept a low profile since the incident in 2017, and his parents have made no statements about it. His parents, on the other hand, are receiving reactions and abuse on the internet.

According to reports, he was not even dismissed from his high school for insulting his Asian teacher racially. The youngster graduated from Eastside High School, according to Twitter and Reddit users.

However, his life after high school remains a mystery for the time being.

Many people are discussing how Gideon could have utilized his power to be at places, as he is often referred to as A White Supremacist.

Is Gideon Yapp On Instagram?

Gideon Yapp isn’t on any social networking platforms, such as Instagram or Facebook.

He hasn’t been active on social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter in the future.

Students at Eastside High School indicate that Gideon Yapp was not expelled as a result of the incident. The news looks to be causing consternation on social media right now.

According to Yapp, he intended to join the army. Perhaps he was the perpetrator. However, there is no certain news at this time.

More information on his Instagram profile will be added when it becomes available.


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