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Born on October 16, 1989, Aphmau. She is a Houston, Texas-born American YouTube star and social media influencer. YouTuber Aphmau uploads video game clips of herself playing “Minecraft.”


They both grew up with Aphmau’s older brother. However, their parents split up and divided custody of the siblings.

She previously said to her readers that she liked switching residences since it was energizing to experience new surroundings.

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Aphmau Profile Information

Name Jessica “Jess” Bravura
Date Of Birth (Age) October 16, 1989, 33 years old
Date Of Joining YouTube August 13, 2012
Net Worth $25 million (estimated)
Total Videos 4k
Upload Schedule/Current Status Everyday
Residence Bellevue, Washington, United States
Nationality American

Aphmau Biography

Where does Aphmau live

Jessica Bravura is Aphmau’s birth name in real life. She was born on October 16, 1989, and is a popular YouTuber and social media user from the United States.

She uploads gaming content on YouTube, particularly videos of her playing the game “Minecraft.” They both grew up together in Houston, Texas, and she has an elder brother.

However, their parents divorced, despite the fact that she previously said to her YouTube fans that she enjoyed moving from one house to the next since it allowed her to escape the chaotic one.

She launched her gaming channel in July 2012, and as of this writing, it has more than 13 million subscribers. Cole, Jason, Calvin, and Chris were some of her pals who helped her launch the channel.

She had originally given the channel the name “Challenge Accepted Inc.” When Chris, Calvin, and Cole left, it struggled for a while.

She produced a lot of video game content throughout the years, mostly in “Minecraft.” “MINECRAFT TEKKIT,” her debut video, was published on August 20, 2012.

She now has over 3,000 videos on her channel, with over five billion views. She also runs a website offering trendy accessories and clothing in addition to YouTube.

Jason Bravura, Aphmau’s husband, and she moved in together as soon as she reached 18 years old.

Social Media Stats

Social Media accounts Count
@Aphmau – YouTube 17.1 million
@AphmauShuki – YouTube 1.79 million
@AphmauVlogging – YouTube 1.17 million
@AphmauFantasy – YouTube 1.24 million
Instagram Followers 962k
TikTok Followers 190k
Twitter Followers 396k
Twitch Followers 7.9k

In 2005, Bravura eventually joined the online game Final Fantasy XI, where she met Jason. They spent a lot of time playing together and grew close. They chose to meet in person since they felt a connection developing between them.

Bravura made the decision to relocate to New Jersey in order to meet Jason since she lived in Texas and he was in New Jersey. She visited New Jersey frequently. When Jessica turned 18 in October 2007, she left Texas and relocated to Philadelphia to live with Jason.

Jessica also got a kitty named Johnny. While Jessica attended college to study business management, they were residing in an apartment.

Aphmau husband
Source – Instagram

Late in 2011, Bravura learned that she was expecting, and Jason made the decision to pop the question. Jason and Jessica exchanged vows at Disney World.

They changed from living in an apartment to a big house they had been saving for. Jason and Jessica discovered themselves watching a lot of YouTube channels while they waited for the baby and were astounded by the concept of making a living doing what they liked.

Jessica and Jason discussed launching a YouTube channel, with Jessica handling the charisma and Jason handling the technical aspects, as Jessica had already decided to be a stay-at-home mother.

Jessica gave birth to a son named Joseph on July 12, 2012. After getting used to becoming parents, Jessica and Jason launched a YouTube channel with Calvin (Castor) and Chris (Satiel), two of her high school pals.

However, both were forced to depart the channel for personal reasons. They still occasionally play games together. Bravura, Jason, and their four kids moved to Bellevue, Washington, at the beginning of 2016.

Jessica and Jason learned that she was expecting a girl after more than a year. Julia (age 8; born January 21, 2014) was her name. Jennifer was born on May 12, 2019, after Jessica announced she was expecting their third child with Jason in September 2018.

As of 2020, Jessica has announced her 4th pregnancy via her YouTube community post and her Instagram. She gave birth to Jessebelle on October 21, 2020.

Content On YouTube

Where does Aphmau live
Source – Instagram

Bravura has a wide variety of gaming content on her channels. Throughout the years she’s been actively modifying her content on the Aphmau channel.

She has gone from group content to solo content, roleplays to unique Minecraft-style content, as well as various other games in between.

She’s currently the top female Minecraft-only content creator. From the very beginning of the channel until 2019, Jessica has played multiple games from Dead Space to SnipperClips. She’s had multiple Triple-A game titles as well as indie games featured on the channel.

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