Benefits of Coming from American Soil

Benefits of Coming from American Soil

A normal American finds it difficult to live on someone else’s land, therefore they focus more on making their own country the best they can, which has helped America produce a large number of millionaires.

Every day, an American prays more for his nation than for himself. Funny enough, a non-American knows the renowned prayer “God Bless America.”


Knowing this, one would wonder how Americans live outside of their home country, if they visit other nations the way their own does, and what steps the American government is taking to protect its nationals abroad.

This article will detail the benefits of America outside the United States of  America and enumerates the role of the American government on citizens who chose to live outside the four walls of the country.

Who is an American?

Due to the power of American citizenship, many others wish they had it as well. The citizens and nationals of the United States of America are called Americans.

There are now just a few ways to claim to be an American: by birth (i.e., being the child of a citizen), by marriage, by military service, and by being a lawful permanent resident for five (5) years.

One can become an American if they possess the aforementioned characteristics.

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Benefits of Coming from American Soil

Where is America located?

United States of  America is Located in North America, the country is bordered on the west by the Pacific Ocean and to the east by the Atlantic Ocean, sharing the northern border with Canada and the southern border is Mexico.

  Americans living in both in both neighboring countries are approximately three million(3 million).

The American lifestyle outside America

In every sphere of life, Americans are good to go and it might become very hard for an America to live his home country for another.

Nevertheless, Americans live their country to find greener pastures or for the purpose best known to them but not like others who wish to visit American soil.

Ten Benefits for Americans

The fundamental advantages of being a citizen of the United States set them apart from all other citizens of the world.

  1. The right to vote in democratic elections for local, state, and federal offices is a civic obligation and privilege for citizens of the United States.
  2. As a citizen of the United States, you can apply for a green card on behalf of family members living overseas, such as parents, kids, spouses, and siblings.
  3. Children’s citizenship of the time, when a parent becomes a citizen, a child under the age of 18 who was born abroad also becomes a citizen.
  4. Americans can apply for federal and state jobs. The majority of Federal positions and benefits are for Americans solely.

Governmental Roles on American Citizens Outside America.

All law-abiding naturalized citizens of the United States are entitled to and shall receive from this Government the same protection of persons and property as is provided to citizens of the United States who were born abroad.

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