Bob Marley Lice: Did Bob Marley have bugs in his hair when he died?

According to beliefs, Bob Marley’s dreadlocks contained 19 distinct varieties of lice when he passed away. This is sumbulshit, and it shows utter disrespect for his family.


How many different kinds of bugs were in Bob Marley’s hair, too? Near the end of his life, he was indeed hairless, according to some photographs. Other urban legends claim that his dreadlocks included up to 72 different critters at the time of his death, including lice, roaches, and spiders.

Simply said, What final words did Bob Marley say? The sad final words of the reggae legend were, “Money can’t buy life.” After that, his remains were transported back to Jamaica, where on May 21, 1981, Marley had a state funeral.

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Who was Bob Marley?

Robert Nesta Marley, better known as Bob Marley, was born on February 6, 1945, to a British father and a Jamaican mother. He fathered 12 kids with several women. To become the most renowned Reggae musician of all time, he battled throughout his life.

Despite being raised Catholic, he converted to Rastafarianism. On May 11, 1981, Bob Marley passed away. Age-wise, he was 36.

Cause of death 

In 1977, Bob Marley suffered a toe injury while playing soccer.It nearly took three years for the wound to fully heal. Later research revealed that it was a specific kind of cancer that only struck white individuals. It is known as cancerous melanoma. Because his father was white, this was possible.

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Marley had to have his toe removed, but he declined because of his religious convictions. His brain was among the key organs that the cancer spread to, ultimately causing his death.

His dreadlocks 

He lost a few of his dreadlocks due to the impact of chemotherapy which was used to treat his cancer but was unsuccessful. 

One line of his dreadlocks sold for £2,500

At the time of his death, 19 Nineteen different species of lice were found in his dreadlocks. It is again believed that there were at least 72 seventy two bugs in his locks at the time he died. 

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