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Breakfast slang meaning in Nigeria


Slangs have been Trending in Nigeria and the slang ‘Chop breakfast or to be served breakfast‘ is among them. Nigeria is a home where almost everything trends, ranging from dance, to act, name them.

Chop breakfast or serve breakfast

The Slang “Chop breakfast or serve breakfast” simply means someone has broken his or her heart in other words, it means heart break.

Wen pesion say anoda pesinn don chop breakfast or dem don serve am breakfast, e mean say dem don break di person heart.

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Chop breakfast/ serve breakfast

It literally means we will all (eventually) have breakfast. Colloquially, it has come to mean this life na ‘turn by turn’ and everyone will definitely have a taste of everything, especially heart break.

On social media, when someone says “She don chop breakfast” or “She has been served breakfast”, it simply means her heart has been broken. So when next you come across this word, you’ll know the meaning and how to use it.


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