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5 Famous Markets in Lagos and Why They Are Popular

Lagos is a major African financial centre and is the economic hub of Lagos State and Nigeria at large. Since, it is city of commerce, it has various famous markets known in Nigeria and West Africa.


You hear people saying ‘My goods will be arriving from Lagos, or I just requested this from Lagos’, this indicates how diverse and well-known the markets of Lagos are.

In this article, we will be talking about the famous markets in Lagos and how popular there are.

  1. Aswani market
  2. Computer village
  3. Mile 12 market
  4. Alaba market
  5. Balogun market

Aswani market

Famous markets in lagos and why they are popular
Aswani market, Lagos (Goggle)

It is one of the go-to places for purchasing affordable items in Lagos. It is situated beside the Isolo Local Government Council office.

It is reputed for selling fairly used items at ridiculously cheap prices. Clothing items, for instance, can be purchased for as low as 200 NGN. The market also has traders selling new clothing items per yard, bags, shoes, underwears, and even foodstuffs.

The market is always available every day of the week, but Mondays are designated for shoes and bags sales, while the market runs fully on Tuesdays. Visitors to the market can easily find almost every item they need at affordable prices. Even if one is not necessarily shopping, a visit to the market can be a unique sightseeing experience.

Aswani market is known for its vibrant and bustling atmosphere, with traders inviting passers-by to check out their wares. Generally, a stop to Aswani market can be a great opportunity to get amazing bargains while experiencing the bustling energy of one of Lagos’ markets.

Computer village

Famous markets in Lagos and why they are popular
Computer village, Lagos (Goggle)

Computer village is the largest technology market in Nigeria and Africa. It is located in Ikeja, Lagos. It is predominantly populated by prominent phone sales shops, laptop shops, phone accessories shops, phone repairers, and sim activation shops.

It is a perfect market in which the price of goods is not influenced by any dealer within the market. This is because there is healthy competition among the dealers. The market started as a small cluster of shops in the late 1990s and has grown to become a bustling hub for technology products and services. The market is open every day, except on Sundays and public holidays.

The market generates an estimated revenue of over 2 billion dollars annually. Computer Village is a major trading hub for mobile phones, laptops, accessories, and other technological gadgets.

The market is known for its extensive choice of products, competitive prices, and excellent customer service. Computer Village has over 3,000 shops and employs thousands of people, making it a significant contributor to the Nigerian economy.

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Mile 12 market

Famous markets in Lagos and why they are popular
Mile 12 market, Lagos (Goggle)

The Mile 12 market is the largest perishable food market in Nigeria, and one of the largest in West Africa. It is situated in the Ketu Local Government Area of Lagos state.

The market handles an enormous quantity of food items daily, with several thousands of metric tons of foodstuffs transacted on a daily basis. It is an important hub for food distribution in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria, with produce sources from various parts of the country and beyond. The market has become a crucial part of Lagos’s economy and food supply chain.

The Mile 12 market has been providing affordable bulk perishable food items to Lagosians, Nigerians, and even for importation for about 30 years. It is a go-to destination for people from far and wide seeking the benefits of the market. The market provide a variety of food items such as fruits, tomatoes, pepper, onions, yam, yam flour, vegetable and palm oils, and many other edible items.

Alaba market

Famous markets in Lagos and why they are popular
Alaba market, Lagos (Goggle)

Alaba international market is an electronics market located in Ojo, Lagos State, Nigeria. It is the largest electronics market in Nigeria. It is owned by a businessman named Sanusi Abubakar.

It is a market known for selling everything electronics and appliances. This is also one of the biggest markets for Nollywood distribution. Apart from the sales of electronic products, the market also deals in the repair of home appliances.

The market is opened on a daily basis except on Sundays and public holidays. This daily business transactions and popularity has attracted new investors and electronics dealers across Africa, thereby expanding the market size and population with significant effects on the economy of Lagos State.

Balogun market

Famous markets in Lagos and why they are popular
Balogun market, Lagos (Goggle)

Balogun Market is located in Lagos Islandis one of the largest markets in West Africa. It has over 5,000 stalls and shops, selling everything from textiles and jewelry to electronics and leather goods. Balogun Market is a bustling hub of activities with traders from all over West Africa coming to sell their wares.

Balogun market is a one-stop shop where you can find almost everything you need. There are different sections for various goods and services, including cloth, provisions, accessories, and bridal items. It is a primary destination for anyone in search of “Asoebi” for weddings and other “Owambe” parties.

Although visiting the market can be a bit stressful due to the crowd, it is an unforgettable experience. The market is always bustling with people, and it is essential to keep an eye on your belongings as there are numerous pickpockets. Hence, while enjoying your shopping experience, it is crucial to keep your purses and bags safe.

Documentary on Balogun market, Lagos


If you are businessman or woman and you are searching for a profitable market to purchase your goods, I suggest your visit these famous markets in Lagos. Since, we already know that Lagos is a city of commerce.

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