Finger Relationship Blood Oath Meaning

An oath between two individuals, where they pierce their thumbs or cut themselves then either mix the blood or lick it from the other partner, making a promise to always be together and not get involved with any other person.


How do you take a love blood oath?

Finger Relationship Blood Oath

If a person is so dedicated to the one they love that they are willing to have a blood oath with that person, then the person has to take a cut on their skin and let the blood seep out into the other person’s cut.

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While the blood is still connected, you both have to say the vows that you want to say to each other.

What happens if you break a blood pact?

The blood pact requires that all parties shed blood into a container. In some cases, the blood is used to sign a document.

In other cases, the blood is drunk by the people entering into the agreement. Breaking a blood pact incurs lasting damage to the culprit’s reputation.

How long does a blood oath last?

A blood oath is meant to last forever, or in the case of mortals until one party’s death.

However, the alpha can sever the oath binding the secondary member to them; throughout history, there have been no recorded cases of the oath being severed honorably.

Is your current partner worth this act?

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