God’s Favorite Angel: Three Angels Considered to be God’s favorite Angels

Three Angels Considered To Be God’s Favorite


Three angels have stood out throughout the evidence of the presence of angels and their heavenly levels, and these angels are frequently regarded as God’s favorites. Maybe we can’t really tell which angel is God’s favorite by hearing it straight from him, but we can at least tell that they are there whenever he interacts with people.

These angels are regarded as God’s favorites since they appear frequently in the Bible and are described in detail in Jewish writings. Because he trusts them with his work, a father is said to send his favorite kids on more errands.

God’s Favorite Angel

Below are the names of angels considered to be God’s favorite Angels based on their interaction with humanity.

  • 1. Arch-angel Michael
  • 2. Lucifer (Before his fall, as described in the book of Isaiah)
  • 3. Angel Gabriel

St Michael the Archangel

According to the Book of Revelation, Michael is referred to be the prince of the heavenly host and is pictured as heaven’s protector against its adversaries. Michael is only one of the two archangels mentioned in the Bible; Gabriel and Uriel are the other two.

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Many people refer to Archangel Michael as the chief angel.

Only Michael, your prince, stands with me in opposition to them, according to Daniel 10:21. As a result, we might infer that Michael is a prince in heaven and possibly one of the most dependable angels. Other angels are mentioned in the Bible and other Jewish scriptures, but none match Michael’s description.

Michael is the angel whose character trait is explained the most among the angels.

Lucifer (Before his fall):

Lucifer (Before his fall)

It is significant to remember that Lucifer was only present on Earth because of his prior presence in the skies. The Bible verse gives a description of him both before and after his fall. “How art thou fell from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!” reads Isaiah 14:12. How have you been brought low for weakening the nations?

At one point, the book of Isaiah goes on to explain Lucifer and his magnificence; it talks of his arrogance and how he made the decision to fly to heaven and set up a throne above the stars of God.

From the content of the book of Isaiah, e can infer that Lucifer was once extremely beautiful. As he was called the son of the morning or God’s morning star. This means that he was perhaps once God’s favorite.

Angel Gabriel

You must first comprehend what it means to speak about angels in order to fully comprehend why Gabriel is on the list. The definition of an “angel” is just a person who was picked or born.

The word “messenger” is where the original Hebrew word for angel, which we now call, comes from. It’s interesting to note that the words really represent “the word” in the English Bible.

Despite not being a literal term like the one you are currently reading, the word refers to the strength of Yah (God). God obviously doesn’t communicate in exact words or in the way we imagine; instead, he uses a supernatural kind of speech that is similar to how people speak.

The best angel that serves as the personification of the word of God is Gabriel, one of the chief messengers. He is also known as the patron saint of communication or ‘word’. So, one might argue that Gabriel is perhaps one of God’s favorites. 

The concept of God’s favorite angel

The concept of God’s favorite angel is not explicitly mentioned in religious texts and can vary based on individual beliefs and interpretations. In religious traditions such as Christianity and Islam, angels hold significant roles in serving God and fulfilling divine purposes.

In Christianity, angels are considered heavenly beings created by God to carry out His will. While specific angels are mentioned in the Bible, such as Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, there is no direct statement indicating that God has a favorite among them.

Each archangel has unique roles and responsibilities, such as Michael being associated with protection and Gabriel with delivering important messages.

Similarly, in Islam, angels are highly regarded as celestial beings created by God to carry out specific tasks.

The archangel Jibril (Gabriel) is recognized as a prominent figure and is often associated with the revelation of God’s messages to the prophets, including the delivery of the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad. However, there is no explicit statement in Islamic teachings stating that God has a favorite angel.

It’s important to understand that the concept of God’s favorite angel is a subjective and speculative notion.

While religious texts provide insights into the roles and significance of different angels, the idea of God having a favorite among them is not explicitly addressed. It is primarily a matter of personal belief and interpretation, and different individuals and religious traditions may have varying perspectives on this topic.

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