Idan Meaning: What Is Idan and Why is it Trending in Nigeria?

For those who are curious about the meaning of this slang, you have come to the right place. The origin of the word ‘Idan‘ can be traced back to the Yoruba language, which is one of the three most commonly spoken languages in Nigeria. Directly translated, it means ‘magic’.


What is Idan?

It is a Yoruba word meaning “magic” or “charming”. Other synonyms are supernatural, exceptional, wonder, glamorous, fascinating, etc.

Idan: Five Things To Know About Popular Social Media Slang

The slang ‘Idan’ is a popular Nigerian street word that has been trending on social media for some days now.

It is simply a way of expressing admiration for something or a sign of respect for wealthy personalities and performances.

Below are the five things to know about ‘Idan’

1. It is a Yoruba word that is used for the expression of something wonderful and charming.

2. A faster way of giving accolades for someone’s good performance.

3. It is mostly used by the Yoruba people in Nigeria.

4. It can be used for both positive and negative perspectives.

5. According to social media usage, Idan may refer to a “boss” or someone with peculiar abilities.

Examples of how ‘Idan’ has been used on social media.

Idan continues to get a ton of attention on social media. Since it has entered the lexicons of many online users, interested minds have started looking for more information about the street lingo that has become popular with many.

  • Example: Idans do not take notes in class, but get As during exams 
  • Meaning: An Idan student doesn’t take notes in class, but gets A’s during exams because he is intelligent
  • Example: Idans withdraw money without joining ATM queues
  • Meaning: Someone who is influential in what he does
  • Example: Aliko Dangote is a real Idan when it comes to business.
  • Meaning: Someone who is good with business or a very successful businesswoman

16 Popular Idan slangs

1). When Idan turns 18, his parents moves out of the house.

2.) When Idan comes late to school, he flogs the teacher for coming too early.

3.) When Idan sends money to you, they credit him and they debit you

4.) When Idan goes to class to learn, it is the lecturer that learns.

5.) When Idan graduates, it is job that looks for Idan.

6.) It is the process that trusts Idan, Idan doesn’t trust the process.

7.) When Idan reads, it is the book that gains knowledge.

8.) When Idan smokes, it is the weed that gets high.

9.) When Idan receives a call in the cinema, they pause the movie till he comes back.

10.) If Idan visits you, you become the visitor.

11.) When Idan downloads an app, the app accepts Idan’s terms and conditions.

12.) When opportunity comes and Idan is not around, opportunity waits for Idan.

13.) When Idan fails a course, it is the lecturer that carries it over.

14.) Idan can forgive but Idan can never forget!

15.) Idan doesn’t check result, it is the result that checks on Idan.

16.) When Idan likes your babe, you become the ex.

Who introduced the slang ‘Idan’

Idan started gaining enormous traction a few days ago after a Twitter user posted a thread detailing how president-elect Tinubu purportedly denied an offer to assist African Action Congress (AAC) presidential candidate Omoyele Sowore directly.

Even though he lost, Sowore’s decision to reject Tinubu’s offer of assistance and continue to compete for the same office as Tinubu gained him some respect from the author, who also referred to him as “Idan” in his thread, a term used to describe someone who accomplishes a tough achievement.

Additionally, I want you to note that this slang has a variety of meanings, many of which rely on the context in which it is used.

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