Sikh Store Owner Viral Video Beating Armed Robber With Stick In California

Sikh shop owner gets viral, Sikh Shop Owner Viral Video Beating an armed robber with a stick in California has gone viral. The shopkeeper defeated the armed robber who tried to steal from him with nothing more than a stick. Many users on Reddit, Twitter, and Telegram desire to see this exact original video.


Sikh Store Owner Beating Armed Robber With Stick

In the widely shared video on social media, a robber is shown going through the store’s shelves and throwing tobacco products into a sizable trash can while wearing a blue cloth over his face.

The Sikh guy approaches to intervene and threatens to contact the police, but the thief, whose face is covered by a cloth, pulls a knife from his pocket and tells him to back off, according to the footage. Continue reading the following section to learn more details. Navigate down.

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The Sikh man is instructed not to get involved, “Just let him go,” by a person standing behind the store owner and documenting the incident via a plastic partition. You are helpless in this situation. They won’t remain inactive.

The man also inquires about the store owner’s insurance. When the armed robber was about to leave the store with a knife, a store employee grabbed his arms. The Sikh man then began striking the robber with a stick.

At least 20 more hits with the stick from the Sikh man to the robber. The robber can be heard appealing to the Sikh man for forgiveness. It’s unclear when and where this occurrence took place. Uncertainty exists over the incident’s actual location and date.

Additionally, it is not yet clear if the police intervened after the beating. However, it is claimed that the California 7-Eleven store is to blame for this tragedy. Remain tuned.

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