Lakam Chiu sickness Update

Online rumors said that Kim Chiu was hospitalized, however it seems that her sister Lakam was the one not her.


Kim Chiu, a well-known actress, singer, and TV personality from the Philippines, rose to fame after taking first place in the first season of “Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition” in 2006.

Kim revealed her sister’s hospitalization in images she posted on Instagram on April 19, the day she celebrated turning 33.

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Lakam’s status was not made public, but Kim voiced her worry and pleaded with her followers for prayers.

Does Kim Chiu’s sister Lakam Chiu have a disease?

While Lakam Chiu, Kim Chiu’s sister, is currently in the hospital and dealing with a health issue, detailed details regarding her condition are not made readily available to the general public.

An emotional Instagram message sent to her sister on her birthday by well-known Filipino artist Kim Chiu conveyed her love and worry for her.

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Lakam was obviously ill, even though Kim did not specify what it was specifically in her note.

Kim Chiu rose to recognition in the entertainment sector after winning the first season of “Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition” in 2006.

Since then, she has made numerous appearances in television programs and motion pictures, including “Sana Maulit Muli,” “My Girl,” “Tayong Dalawa,” “Ina, Kapatid, Anak,” and “Etiquette for Mistresses.”

The precise nature and current state of Lakam Chiu’s disease are still unknown.

Lakam Chiu Health Update in 2023

lakam chiu sickness

Lakam Chiu, the sister of the Filipino actress Kim Chiu, hasn’t announced her health state, which has fans very worried.

There have been no updates on her status, thus the situation is ambiguous and worrying.

People are scared and helpless due to the lack of information and are eagerly anticipating any updates on improvement or advancement.

Supporters are dismayed and anxious for encouraging developments as the unclarified circumstances surrounding her hospitalization add to the uncertainty and pain.

As time passes without any updates, the situation gets worse, frustrating and upsetting followers.

The love and support are still flowing despite the lack of information as everyone hopes and prays for Lakam’s quick recovery.

We send our condolences and best wishes to Lakam and her family during this trying time.

Lakam and Kim Chiu Family

Lakam Chiu is a member of the close-knit Chiu family, which also consists of her siblings John Paul Yap Chiu, William Chiu, Kim Chiu, Twinkle Chiu, and Louella Yap Chiu.

The family is still supportive of one another and unified in spite of difficult circumstances.

Kim Chiu, a very popular singer, has had a big impact on the entertainment business and has been dubbed a “Multimedia Idol” for her outstanding acting abilities.

Lakam and her siblings lived with their paternal grandmother after their parents divorced in 1998, and they frequently moved around the Philippine Visayas as children.

The Chiu family persevered in the face of these difficulties, eventually relocating to Cebu City in 2006.

When Louella, their biological mother, passed away in 2013 from a brain aneurysm, they had to deal with yet another tragedy.

The Chiu family endures the ups and downs of life with strength and constant support.



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