Naomi Campbell Worst Photoshop – Everything to know

Campbell’s head and nose appeared significantly smaller and disproportionate to the rest of her body in the initial photo, which was excessively altered.

Despite her excellent bone structure, the model’s jaw appeared sharper and slightly deformed around her chin. Not only that but Campbell’s skin was smoothed and lightened as well.


Many followers were taken aback by the photo retouching and implored the model to publish the original photographs and “normalize aging.”

Naomi Campbell Worst Photoshop

“God help us if even Naomi thinks she needs this,” said one fan. “She’s perfect the way she is.” No changes are required.”

“1st pic is the worst photoshopped pic I’ve ever seen,” another user said, while a third added, “Girly hire me I can edit your photos better for the gram.”

Naomi Campbell Worst Photoshop

“She doesn’t wanna accept the fact that she [sic] getting old and that’s normal,” a fourth source added.

Others, though, supported the supermodel’s altered videos, blaming it on the harsh reality of modeling.

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“guess this is what happens when your entire life revolves [sic] around your looks and she’s used to professional photos being photoshopped to death,” one follower said.

For the past four decades, British Beauty has been one of the most in-demand models, dominating runways and gracing the covers of practically every high fashion magazine.

Despite the fact that her career has switched to parenthood, the model has set her sights on goals, including a role on the big screen.

Naomi Campbell Worst Photoshop

Campbell announced last year that she wanted a rising talent to play her in a biopic on her life and achievements.

“I’d like it to be someone unknown and preferably from South London,” she told the Daily Mail.

“I’ve had my success, and now I want to see the success of the next generation.”

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