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Mario Lopez Health Update: Mario Lopez Huntington disease

One of the most famous faces in Hollywood for a while now is Mario Lopez, the actor and media personality who rose to stardom thanks to the television series “Saved By The Bell.


The actor and television personality has some fairly big goals for 2023, one of which is his vow to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle.

The 90s star resorted to fitness to help him deal with some of the problems he faced growing up. We’re going to look at how he’s doing today and the types of activities he does to keep in shape at 49.

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Mario Lopez Health Update

Mario Lopez Health Update

In an interview, Mario Lopez claimed that as a child, his stomach wasn’t fully developed, which prevented his body from properly digesting food. He lost half his body weight as a result.

“I was in grave pain. I was in danger of passing away. I was blessed by the priest who arrived. I had a problem that prevented me from retaining food or liquid. I couldn’t throw up. I cut my weight in half.

Lopez’s father sent him to a Mexican witch doctor named Bruja after this embarrassing episode, who gave him a combination of carnation milk and helped him heal swiftly.

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Later, Lopez claimed that it was this life-changing event that led him to embrace alternative treatment, and he now frequently tells people about it.

In an interview with Men’s Health, Lopez revealed that he has started practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as a way to develop new skills and maintain his physical fitness.

What is Brazilian jiu jitsu?

Mario Lopez Health Update
Mario Lopez loves the occasional yoga or spinning session. (Image via The List)

For those who don’t know, jiu jitsu is basically a combat sport and self-defence martial art that’s typically based on ground fighting, grappling, and submission holds.

According to Lopez,

“It instills such a great work ethic and confidence and physical toughness, as well as emotional, psychological toughness, and a lot of confidence. So I love all those things and all those attributes and it’s taught”.

He also shared that he enjoys doing yoga and taking up the occasional spinning class with his wife Courtney Mazza.

Along with the aforementioned activities, Lopez also enjoys boxing, weightlifting, and wrestling. The Access Daily anchor added the following:

“I believe that your health should come first because if you don’t have it, what else matters?” To be able to be there for my family, I simply want to be well and live a long life. It’s basically a way of life.

At my age, it has given me the energy to tackle this crazy schedule and get things done, like going from the gym to Access Daily right now. Viewers like to see people who are joyful and excited on talk shows, and since we now have a lot of guests, I can’t say that.

It’s obvious that Mario Lopez has benefited greatly from fitness. It may seem completely ludicrous to someone who has been the center of attention for three decades to see Mario Lopez in such good form.

However, his early health problems and his love of jiu-jitsu have served as complementary therapies and ingrained in him a feeling of duty and discipline to maintain his physical fitness.

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