Why Pastor Jerry Eze Left His Lucrative UN Job to Answer God’s Call

Pastor Jerry Eze, the convener of the renowned New Season Prophetic Prayers (NSPPD), recently told the tale behind his choice to leave his lucrative career with the United Nations (UN) and become a pastor.

Pastor Jerry Eze claimed in an interview with The Punch that he made the life-altering decision because he believed it was his purpose and he couldn’t violate the heavenly commandment. In addition, he serves as the Lead Pastor of Streams of Joy International.


“I realized that there could be no higher calling than God’s call on one’s life.” “As a result, I came to the realization that purpose would always trump any human satisfaction at any time,” Pastor Jerry Eze said in the interview.

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According to Herald.ng, Pastor Jerry Eze stated that fulfilling God’s desire for his life was incredibly motivating. When he evaluated his personal desires against what God wanted him to do, he recognized that destiny was far more essential than his personal desires.

Jerry Eze Left His Lucrative UN Job

“I quit my secular job to do God’s work.” Meanwhile, there was nothing fascinating about it (the job) at the time. “I knew I had a mission to fulfill for a generation that was waiting to hear my voice,” he explained.

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“Everything about it suggested that it was the right time,” Pastor Jerry Eze said when asked how he thought the time was right for such a major decision.

I was truly dissatisfied with where I was, thus the satisfaction had vanished.”

He also discussed the impact his late mother had on his decision-making. “My mother played a significant role in shaping who I am today.” It was a time when my mother’s voice rang out loud and clear in my head. She died not long after that.

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She insisted that the job I was performing was not God’s will for my life. Of course, I’d always disagreed with her. But when she died, it hit me that she had been correct all along,” Pastor Jerry Eze stated.

Pastor Jerry Eze’s tale serves as a reminder that the route to satisfaction and purpose may sometimes need taking risky steps and making sacrifices.

His decision to leave a prestigious UN career to follow God’s call demonstrates the necessity of obeying one’s divine mandate, even if it contradicts personal interests.

Pastor Jerry Eze’s ministry and leadership continue to inspire and affect lives, offering hope and spiritual guidance to those in need.

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