Meet Nigeria Afrobeats Artist, Somaadina, Biography, Career, Age, Music Journey so far!

Meet Nigeria Afrobeats Artist, Somaadina, Biography, Career, age, Music Journey so far!

Prince Somaadina Elosionu was Born on 30th November, 2003 (Age 19) In Ojo, Lagos, Nigeria.

Profile Summary


Occupation: Singer, Songwriter

Education: Rocland High School

Origin: Idemili, LGA. Oba, Anambra State

Years Active: 2018-Date

Works: Discography

P.K.A:  Somaadina

Genres: Afro-fusion •Alté • Afro-pop • Emo rap • Trap.

Instruments: Vocals

Early Life


As an act of nature and providence, Somaadina was born on November 30, 2003, at Efi Hospital PPL in Ojo, Lagos, and was raised in different parts of the state.

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He was born into a middle-class family. He is the firstborn child among four siblings. He attended elementary school. He graduated from Rocland High School in 2019. Young Somaa was ‘inwardly turned’, socially inept, and has mentioned being lonely as a kid.


Due to his backward demeanor as a child, Somaa couldn’t articulate himself properly. Nevertheless, being an impressionable tyke, he found solace in music, which helped him express his thoughts better.

He soon started making music. Growing up, he found he also had a penchant for art, which made him draw and paint occasionally. Writing was the main escape.

Like the fictional Edward Cullen in the Twilight franchise, Somaa’s family moved around a lot, which made him change schools one too many times. This resulted in ephemeral relationships that may have shaped his psyche and impacted his worldview.

Incipient Career


As to the manner of creatives born in the Nineties, he participated in a good number of music competitions in his early teens.

His quest for expression and recognition blossomed, which made him go out in search of recording sessions and producers.

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Back when he was in school, he liked rap and made some cheesy tracks under the name ‘Prinz Bryzy’ because of his adoration for Chris Brown.

At long last, he finally released his first official single, ‘Cherisher, in 2021, when he was 17, even though he had recorded it in 2020.

In 2022, Somaadina released his second official single, ‘Hold Me’, a song on unrequited love that has garnered quite a following and airplay for his burgeoning fanbase on Instagram and TikTok.

In March 2022, Somaadina released an unofficial freestyle titled ‘Why’ in a spur-of-the-moment inspiration that came while thinking of another project.

He also shared another unofficial song, ‘Breaking Heart’ in May 2022. This was subsequently followed by another track titled ‘Mary Anne’ in July 2022.

Being a keen artist who is ready to sling his vocal and lyrical salvo at any creative board, he decided to jump on Davido’s ‘Feel’ and do a cover of it.

The offshoot was an earworm that had a following while he was still getting encomiums for his lyrics and verve on the song.

This was released on his Instagram in April 2023, after a seeming hiatus to face familial commitments and petty ventures.

He came back again like he never went in June 2023 with a cover of the famed song ‘All My Life’ by Lil Durk and J.Cole. He said that the song was close to home because it had him traveling down memory lane to take inventory of his growth and the hurdles he had scaled to get to where he’s at.

He got featured on a track titled ‘Off the Edge’ by a trap artist named PremerNorex. Even though he had misgivings about his input, his fans cheered him on.

They said he did particularly well on the track, Often musing and waist-deep in a creative project or another, he’s currently working to release a cover of ‘Anybody’ by Burna Boy in September. He shared that the song is about ‘his everyday hustle and struggle’.

His flowering viewers are stoked, as he’s been sharing snippets of the cover with them. Many are waiting with bated breath to see what’s in his bag this time.

• Artistry Influences


Somaa has cited a number of artists from divergent genres as big influences on his style and sound. Ergo, his affinity for Afro-fusion, as it embodies a blend of different sounds. He looks up to the likes of  Fela, Justin Bieber, Bob Marley, Burna Boy, Adele, Lagbaja, Oliver De Coque, and 2 Face as musical inspirations.

•Musical Style

IMG 20230904 WA0047

Due to his versatility, Somaa’s genre-melding musicianship is one to look out for. He has opined that the content of his music is drawn from his real-life stories and has described his peculiar lyrical style as his strong suit. ‘Non-fictional lyrics’, he calls it.

His songs sometimes touch on melancholia tinged with a psychedelic sound, conveying poetic and visceral denotations of how he truly feels.
Other times, like in the ‘Feel’ cover and that of ‘All My Life’, he shows a more ebullient, animated, and optimistic side of himself with the lyrics.

While a few of his songs are love-themed, Somaa has asserted that he doesn’t get a kick from writing love songs or anything bordering on romance or young love. As with most Gen Zs, he’s ‘sticking to his guns and won’t modify his individuality to suit anybody’s taste or demand’.


Somaadina has a lyrical baritone voice. However, because of his love for vibrato and falsetto, he seems to have honed his head voice in pitching notes outside his default range.

In some songs, his pipes come with a perceptible twang, in a head-scratching way for higher notes, and sound like a natural tenor.

You can hear his ‘affectedly breathy’ but lucid voice sounding like a ‘wisp of smoke’ in Hold Me.

• Personal Life

  • Relationships

Somaa has been upfront about not having a decent relationship with his dad. He confessed that his presence was tumultuous at home. As a result, he and his siblings were raised by their mom at a time in his life.

He’s also stated that he has ‘sworn off’ dating and relationships for now, even though he’s had a few girlfriends and a rare number of fans bursting to take him out.

With his emphasis on true love being fictional, his maladjusted fatherly blueprint, and his slavish devotion to his craft, one may be liable to fear he has an attachment disorder that would make pair bonding a herculean task.

He would definitely need more than a pant-busting crush to reorient him. In light of this, Somaa has maintained that he’s a family man and would go to the moon and back for his immediate family.

  • Beliefs

Somaa has reiterated that while he believes in God and reverences Him, he doesn’t go to church, and he’s not big on organized religion or belonging to a Christian community of any sort.

Albeit, he considers himself ‘highly spiritual’ and maintains that the Prime Mover relates to him directly. (Looks like a smooth path to tread until Village People visit.)

  • Opinions

As with most kids born post-millennium, Somaa believes in individualism.

He’s been known to defend individual initiatives, interests, and actions. He expects them to be respected by other people who are not so enamoured with the inclinations and orientations of various cultures the world across, whatever they may be.

  • Public Image

Somaa is known for changing his looks, especially his hair. And like many Gen Zs, fancies unorthodox outfits and wears with a singular affection for abstract and illusionist art inscribed on it. He sometimes shares posts to this effect.

All this depicts how he dances only to the beat of his drums, like many of his counterparts in the industry.

He keeps up with his largely younger demographic of effusive fans better through Instagram than anywhere else. He’s been endorsed by the likes of BOJ and Sydney Talker.

Standing at 6″2 and still rough around the edges, there’s no telling the height he’d get to if pruned right by forthright managers and handlers. No pun intended.


Cherisher (2020/2021)
Hold Me (2022)
WHY Freestyle (March 2022)
Broken Heart (Refix May 2022)
Mary Anne (July 2022)
FEEL Cover (April 2023)
All My Life Cover (June 2023)
Anybody Cover (September 2023)

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