Meet President Ramaphosa Gaughter Tulisa Ramaphosa

President Ramaphosa Gaughter Tulisa Ramaphosa Biography

Tulisa Ramaphosa, source: operanews

Cyril Ramaphosa’s firstborn daughter from his second marriage to the late Nomazizi Mtshotshisana is Tulisa Ramaphosa.

Tulisa is said to have been born in 1992 and lives a very secluded life. She was the product of her parents’ brief marriage, which lasted only from 1991 to 1993.


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Tulisa is barely known outside of the knowledge that her mother, Nomazizi Mtshotshisana, died in 2008 and that she is the president’s first daughter.

But, while we can’t tell you about her employment or schooling, we can tell you that she is quite attractive; just look at that smile.

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