Wendy Williams Wheelchair: Is Wendy Williams Is In Wheelchair? Everything to know

Wendy Williams Wheelchair: WENDY Williams “no longer needs a wheelchair and is determined to move back to New York City and return to TV” after her daytime talk show was canceled.

Wendy, whose talk show was canceled last month after she had been away since July of last year, has been rehabilitating in Florida with her family from different medical concerns.


According to a source close to the ill presenter, being in the Sunshine state surrounded by loved ones, combined with some significant lifestyle adjustments, has done wonders for Wendy’s health.

Wendy Williams Wheelchair

“She looks good!” said the insider.She isn’t totally recovered, but she appears to be 80% of her former self. In a couple of months, I’m sure she’ll be fully recovered.”

According to the insider, the host has made several lifestyle changes in her recuperation that have aided her.

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“Wendy has vowed not to drink and she is eating much healthier these days, and it shows, her legs aren’t nearly as swollen,” said the source.

Not only that, but Wendy is wheelchair-free, according to the source.

“She’s thinking about her next move.”She won’t be in Florida much longer; she’ll be back in New York soon.”

Wendy should not be counted out, according to the source, who also stated that the host wants to return to television and reassemble her old team.

“Wendy is making plans to make a big comeback,” said the source.

While the insider is optimistic about the host’s full recovery, The Sun previously reported that Wendy has been hospitalized for a psychological evaluation in September, caught a case of breakthrough COVID, and suffers from lymphedema as well as Graves’ disease.

The host is also fighting to recover access to millions of dollars in Wells Fargo accounts after being locked out of them last month.

The bank had also requested for a guardianship hearing to be held for Wendy before the battle for access to her accounts was placed under seal, meanwhile, her son Kevin Hunter Jr, 21, holds power of attorney over her. 

Sherri’s show now 

Wendy Williams Wheelchair

Sherri Shepherd, who had been filling in as a guest presenter for the missing Wendy, announced late last month on The Wendy Williams Show: “Starting in September, I am starting my own talk show!”

Following her major revelation, the show’s press staff issued an official statement stating unequivocally that Wendy will not be returning to her own show.

In the statement, Mort Marcus and Ira Bernstein, Co-Presidents of television company Debmar-Mercury, said, “We all have a great love and affinity for Wendy, who grew into a true icon during her 12 incredible seasons.”

“Because Wendy is still unable to host the show as she recovers, we believe it is best for our fans, stations, and advertising partners to begin making this transition now.” We hope to work with Wendy again in the future and wish her a swift and complete recovery.”

For months, The Sun has been reporting that Sherri will be picked to take over and that Wendy would not be returning.

Wendy Williams Wheelchair

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