Rasmus Hojlund Injury Update Revealed

United’s main absentee for the start of the new season is Rasmus Hojlund. The striker was believed to have a slight back issue, but it now seems that nothing is as it seems. According to certain accounts, Hojlund’s injuries may be far more serious than the team initially thought.

How soon will Hojlund be back?

Hojlund sustained a minor injury, according to United, which would keep him out for a few weeks. Even Erik ten Hag recently acknowledged in an interview that Hojlund was unlikely to start against the Wolves but did not suggest a serious issue.


In an interview with Sky Sports, he stated: “It’s hard to predict how that process will proceed.

“However, I believe he is currently making good progress. We must monitor the progress on a daily basis. The next step is to follow up.

Of course, when he’s available and here, you have the choice to play, but we don’t anticipate him being fully fit on such short notice.

We must thus wait a while longer. Due to the number of games, we require doubling at every position. The Dane’s injuries, according to The Daily Mail, are significantly more serious than previously thought.

According to them, the athlete underwent an MRI scan as part of his physical, and the results revealed a potential stress point in his back. Rest is the only solution since these can develop into stress fractures if not treated.

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The reports also requested expert medical counsel on Hojlund’s issue.

In addition, they said that Hojlund’s danger of fracture made playing two games each week for an extended period of time impractical. Hojlund will therefore be absent for an unknown period of time, and even after his return, he may not play a significant role.

The 20-year-old Danish international faces high expectations after a remarkable Serie A campaign last year and favorable early comparisons to Erling Haaland, but he will have to wait a bit before making an immediate impact in English football.

Hojlund’s examination revealed a back issue, despite United’s insistence that the injury he sustained during preseason with Atalanta is minor and will only keep him out for “a few weeks.”

Hojlund showed promise on Wednesday at Carrington by participating in individual drills, but he will undoubtedly miss the first match against Wolves and the subsequent trip to Tottenham on August 19.

He probably won’t be fully ready for the match against Nottingham Forest on August 26, and before the first international break of the season, United will play Arsenal on September 1. Could the high-profile matchup at the Emirates Stadium against the Gunners serve as the perfect setting for Hojlund’s debut? We’ll observe and wait.

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