Saint Von Colucci Cause of Death

Saint Von Colucci, a 22-year-old Canadian actor, died after undergoing twelve cosmetic operations to resemble BTS singer Jimin.

Colucci died on Sunday in a South Korean hospital as a result of complications from his most recent surgery.


His spokesman, Eric Blake, made the announcement on Monday.

Von Colucci relocated from Canada to South Korea in 2019 to pursue a career in entertainment, and on Saturday, April 22, he underwent surgery to remove jaw implants he had placed in November in order to look like BTS vocalist Jimin.

Van Colucci became infected after the operation and had to be intubated. He died a few hours later.

“It’s very tragic and very unfortunate,” Blake said, adding that his client “didn’t like” his “very square jawline and chin,” which he “thought was too wide.”

Von Colucci spent $220,000 on 12 procedures in the last year, including a facelift, nose job, eye lift, brow lift, and lip reduction, among others.

Saint Von Colucci Cause of Death

“He was very insecure about his looks,” Blake explained, mentioning Van Colucci’s “unhappy” visage in particular.

Von Colucci had dark blond hair and blue eyes when he was born. He was also 6 feet tall and weighed 182 pounds.

His publicist stated that he struggled to find work due of his Western appearance, which is why he underwent surgery.

“It was very difficult for him to get a job in South Korea,” Blake said. … he felt terribly discriminated against [because to] his Western appearance.”

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