Shayla Frank Obituary, Cause of death

The late Jason David Frank, an American actor, and mixed martial artist, had a daughter named Shayla. Shayla Frank passed away the previous year, and her father passed away this year on November 19, 2022.


Tammy Frank, Shayla’s mother, filed for divorce from her husband on July 1, 2022. It was discovered that Shayla Frank’s exact cause of death is unknown.

Shayla Frank Obituary

Shayla Frank Obituary

After 19 years of marriage, David, Shayla’s father, who was the Power Rangers’ lead actor, announced that they were divorcing.

TMZ obtained the court records, and Muay Thai, a 57-year-old teacher, was mentioned in the records. She asserted that the divorce might have occurred because her spouse had an extramarital affair.

David wed Shawna Frank in 1994, and the two remained together until 2001. Three children were welcomed throughout their marriage.

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He married his second wife, Tammy Frank, also known as Tammie, after their divorce. According to rumors, she had a daughter named Jenna, who is now 18 years old, with him. She is currently looking for a house and a car in Texas.

Fans learned of their breakup when Tammie published a post with the hashtags “new beginnings” and “removing the wrong people from your life.”

Recalling the lyrics from her article, they read, “I’m removing the wrong people from my life and setting myself for something better and bigger.”

They injured you, but I’m the one who took them away, continued the song’s lyrics. You need to stop sobbing over disappointment and loss and concentrate on the new things I am fostering in your life.

The couple’s dissolution’s specifics were never made public. Later, she published a post commemorating the passing of her eldest daughter, who passed away a year earlier.

Let’s find out the reason the cause of Shayla Frank’s obituary and also discuss the possible rumor about the cause of her and David’s death. 

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Shayla Frank Obituary

Shayla’s father, David, died recently on November 19, 2022. Mike Bronzoulis, David’s trainer, shared a picture in which he and David were seen together. He wrote in the post that he was feeling devastated after his death news. 

He added in the post that he regretted that he was not picking up or responding to David’s phone calls and messages.

He added, “He was a great buddy. Sending love and prayers to his wife, Tammy, and their children, and hoping that God will help you all get through this tough time.”

As fans were curious to know the cause of the death of David and his daughter, it can be said that there is no authentic information on the internet that discloses the reason for the cause of their death.

However, there were many rumors circulating over the internet that Shayla committed suicide in 2021. The rumor also said Shayla’s father, David, also committed suicide. 

There are some strong sources that are trying to reach out to David’s family to know the reasons for his and his daughter’s cause of death. But, there has not been any information shared.

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