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Meet Shimfe Ephraim, a native of Taraba state, Nigeria. The 5th from a family of 5. Shimfe is a Christian and a strong lover of God, also he is a Lead Instructor of SHEFF VOICE ACADEMY, located in Kaduna State Nigeria.


Shimfe Ephraim is a highly accomplished music coach and musician, known for his exceptional talent and dedication to the world of music. With a profound understanding of various musical genres and instruments, Shimfe has established himself as a versatile and influential figure in the industry.

As a music coach, Shimfe Ephraim possesses an innate ability to inspire and guide aspiring musicians toward their full potential. He understands the intricacies of music theory, composition, and performance, and has a keen eye for identifying and nurturing talent. 

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Shimfe’s coaching style

Shimfe Ephraim

Shimfe’s coaching technique is distinguished by his tolerance, adaptability, and individualized approach, which allows him to adapt his lessons to each student’s particular requirements and objectives. 

He helps his pupils improve their musical skills and confidence by offering insightful advice, helpful tips, and encouraging criticism.


Shimfe Ephraim

Shimfe Ephraim is a skilled musician in addition to his capacity as a music coach. He has a great ability to play many other instruments, including the guitar, piano, drums, and saxophone, and he is a multi-instrumentalist. 

Shimfe’s versatility enables him to experiment with numerous musical genres, fusing components from other styles to produce a distinctive and alluring sound.

Shimfe is a talented musician who is also a skilled composer and songwriter. His compositions reveal a profound awareness of musical structure and emotion, as well as a strong ear for melodies and harmonies. 

His ability to produce music that transcends boundaries and interacts with people on a deep level is demonstrated by the fact that many of his unique pieces elicit strong emotions and resonate with listeners.

Stage Performance

Shimfe Ephraim enthralls crowds with his contagious charisma and superb musicianship whether he is live on stage or in the studio. His performances are characterized by a sincere love of music, and he effortlessly conveys this love to those who have the honor of listening. 

Music enthusiasts of all ages find Shimfe’s performances to be very unforgettable thanks to his charismatic stage presence and powerful stage presence.

Things He Believes In

Shimfe Ephraim

In addition to his coaching and performing endeavors, Shimfe Ephraim is also an advocate for music education and community engagement. He believes in the transformative power of music and actively seeks opportunities to share his knowledge and passion with others. 

Shimfe conducts workshops, participates in music festivals, and collaborates with fellow musicians to promote the importance of music as a means of expression and personal growth.

Contribution To The Music Industry

Shimfe Ephraim’s services to the profession as a musician and music coach have made a lasting impression. He has motivated innumerable people to pursue their musical ambitions and scale new heights in their artistic endeavors through his mentorship, talent, and dedication. 

Shimfe continues to have a huge influence on the music industry, creating a lasting legacy for future generations with his steadfast dedication to quality and his capacity to communicate with others through the global language of music.

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