Watch Complete Britt Barbie Mall Fight Video

TikToker Britt Barbie has again gone viral but this time if for for something dirty. She trended on Twitter after receiving the beating of her life at Mid Rivers Mall in Missouri. The TikToker landed on the floor after being punched by an unidentified lady. The video has attracted huge attention online, with netizens finding the situation hilarious.

Twitter user @faitheartsuuu posted a video clip which captured the moment Britt Barbie approached a couple at the mall. In the video, an unidentified man appeared to have got Barbie angry. We were not privilege to hear what he said. The couple went on to walk past Barbie, however, it seemed like she attempted to fight back.


As soon as Britt Barbie approached the couple, the woman smashed her to the ground. In the now-viral clip, Barbie can be seen attempting to get up. However, she slipped and was unable to do so. It appeared as if the influencer was not willing to raise her hands against the stranger.

What prompted the fight remains unknown as the audio cannot be heard clearly. The script in the video reads:

“She got her a$$ beat”

Netizens react to Britt Barbie getting slammed to the ground

Internet users found the video hilarious. Many were curious about what triggered the physical fight. Many also deemed the woman a “hero” for punching Barbie.

A few tweets about the incident read:

@sxmplyybeautyyy We need to find this hero. I want to personally thank her myself for her service to this country

@sxmplyybeautyyy I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more perfect couple

@sxmplyybeautyyy That didn’t last long.

@sxmplyybeautyyy I love the fact that she fell back down



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