What did Kyle Brown die from? Everything to know

After experiencing a medical issue at the NCAA baseball super regional in Winston Salem, North Carolina, Kyle Brown, a director and longstanding employee of the network, passed away on June 11. He was 42.

In a statement, ESPN said that Kyle, a 16-year employee, was “a deeply admired member of our production team—and highly accomplished,” having won two Sports Emmy Awards while covering a variety of sports, including baseball, basketball, Monday Night Football, and college football.


On Sunday, the NCAA Baseball coverage on ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNU began with an homage to Kyle, commemorating his work with the network in sports like football, basketball, and baseball.

“Kyle was a deeply admired member of our production team,” ESPN reporter Kris Budden said, “A former Ohio State pitcher, Kyle cherished the opportunities to have a career in sports. Kyle will be greatly missed.”

And she undoubtedly wasn’t the only person to show respect. Fran Fraschilla, a college basketball analyst, paid tribute to his colleague on social media as well.

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“Spent last few years working with Kyle Brown on our @Big12Conference basketball coverage,” he tweeted. “We both loved the Ohio State Buckeyes. Yesterday’s news was heartbreaking. I’m praying for his lovely family.

NCAA Baseball coverage across ESPN, ESPN2 & ESPNU began at noon today with this tribute to Kyle Brown from @KrisBudden pic.twitter.com/l4B7uuXcJT— ESPN PR (@ESPNPR) June 11, 2023

Ryan McGee, a writer, continued, “Kyle Brown was a good man, a proud Buckeye, and an exceptional television producer. Kyle put a lot of effort into his work, and if you’ve watched any ESPN over the past 15 years, you’ve profited from it. Give those you love a hug. There is no guarantee of tomorrow.

Megan, Kyle’s wife, and their four children—Makayla, 14, Carson, 11, Camden, 9, and Madyn, 6—as well as their dog Rookie, are left to mourn his passing.

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