What Is Justin Jones Ethnicity, Place of birth, Parents & Biography

Justin Jones Ethnicity, Place of birth, Parents & Biography will be discussed here.

Justin Jones Ethnicity

What Is Justin Jones Ethnicity?

Jones was born to an African American father and a Filipina mother on August 25, 1995, in Oakland, California. Justin and his sister were reared by Christine, who also attended nursing school. He is the grandchild of immigrant Filipinos who fled to California and black, working-class ancestors from Chicago’s South Side.

Justin Jones Parents

Jones was born to a Filipino mother and an African American father. His mother is Christine.

Justin Jones Ethnicity

Justin Jones Wife

As of 2022, Justin Jones had no wife.

Justin Jones Children

As of 2022, Justin Jones had no children.


Justin Jones Biography

Justin Jones, who was born on August 25, 1995, is well known for his vocal support of racial justice and gun regulation. He began his political career as a representative for District 52 in the Tennessee House of Representatives, which included some of Nashville.

In January 2023, Jones was chosen to serve in the Tennessee House of Representatives, although his term was brief. He was ejected from the House on April 6, 2023, for engaging in what Republicans said as “disorderly behavior” while taking part in a gun control demonstration within the state building. Jones’ activism and leadership abilities were recognized despite this setback.


The Nashville City Council reinstated him on April 10, 2023, to act as an interim representative until a special election to replace the position.

Jones gained fame as a supporter of social justice movements before entering the Tennessee House of Representatives. He declared in 2019 that he would run against incumbent Jim Cooper for the U.S. House of Representatives in Tennessee’s 5th congressional district in 2020.

Unfortunately, Jones was unable to run for office because he failed to submit enough legitimate signatures to qualify for the ballot.

Throughout his career, Jones has been a part of a number of noteworthy events. He was detained in October 2018 for refusing to leave a Marsha Blackburn event. The Tennessee House of Representatives member Glen Casada was allegedly assaulted by him the following year after he allegedly threw a drink at him.

As a result of this incident, Jones was banned from the Capitol. However, Casada later agreed to drop the charges.

In 2020, Jones organized a 62-day sit-in protest for racial justice outside the state capitol following the murder of George Floyd. During the protest, he faced 14 charges, which were eventually dropped.

Jones’ activism and leadership during this protest attracted national attention and helped to raise awareness of issues related to systemic racism and police brutality.

Despite facing numerous setbacks and obstacles throughout his career, Jones remains committed to advocating for social justice causes.

His activism and leadership have earned him a reputation as a fearless and tireless advocate for marginalized communities. As he looks to the future, it is likely that Jones will continue to play a prominent role in Tennessee politics and beyond.

As he looks to the future, it is likely that Jones will continue to play a prominent role in Tennessee politics and beyond.

Justin Jones Age

As of 2022, he was 27 years old.

Justin Jones Net Worth

We gathered that his net worth is not less than $10 million.

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