What is the best title for this bulleted list?

The best title for this bulleted list is the executive office of the President. Thus the correct option is B.

What is President?

President refers to the person appointed to lead a gathering or a meeting. The president has the authority to sign treaties with Senate approval and approves them to make a law.


president refers to the first person of the country elected through voting with the majority support from the citizens. If the president does not sign a bill it does not become law.

A presidential executive office consists of consultants who do not take any approval from Congress who help the administration and report to him about the current updates and meetups and schedule the work.

Therefore, option B executive office of the president is appropriate.

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What is the best title for this bulleted list?

What is the best title for this bulleted list? Title:
• Monitor various economic activities
• Have wide-reaching authority to set and enforce federal rules
Have leaders who are appointed by the president and serve lengthy

A. Government Corporations
B. The Presidential Cabinets
C. Independent Regulatory Commissions
D. Independent Executive Agencies



Independent Regulatory Commissions (APEX Class 😉


In my eyes, I see that the answer choice C could work only because it’s independent and it is Regulatory Commissions…

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