YouTuber Jatt Prabhjot Health Condition In 2023

Jatt Prabhjot, who’s quite well known for his love for bikes, is a YouTuber. He is famous for his moto vlogging and riding bikes.


Indian YouTuber Jatt Prabhjot Health Condition Update And News After Bike Accident In Nepal

An Indian YouTuber named Jatt Prabhjot met an accident at Gajuri, Dhading, Nepal. A Nepali old man aged 79 years has passed away in the accident. Every security personnel around the world must stop Motovloggers. It’s very dangerous specially in a country like Nepal:

— Deepak Kushwaha Nepali (@KushwahaNepali) October 25, 2022

The YouTuber recently had an accident while traveling by bike from Delhi to Nepal. The unfortunate tragedy resulted in significant injuries for the social media personality.

He was taken to the hospital right away after the accident. But according to a story by economictimes.com, the 79-year-old guy who was struck by his H2 is the other party.

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According to the witnesses, both individuals suffered very severe injuries and lost a significant amount of blood. According to the media outlet’s report, the old Nepalese man died as a result of his wounds while en route to the hospital.

According to the same outlet, the YouTuber appeared to be overspending, making it impossible for him to escape the crash.

Though there isn’t any CCTV footage or details to check this theory, there’s a video that is now swirling around the internet.

In the video, Prabhjot reportedly is seen overspeeding on several instances during his journey to Nepal.

As per the social media rumors and witnesses claims’ the known personality was travelling at a fast pace when he met a collision with a Nepali citizen.

Who’s Jatt Prabhjot?

A YouTuber from New Delhi named Prabhjot was born on December 2, 1992, into a Sikh family.

Jatt Prabhjot is a rather frequent user of social media. On Instagram, he has 1.2 million devoted fans, and he has 2.8 million YouTube subscribers.

The social media sensation is a software engineer and a lifestyle blogger, according to his Instagram page.

According to rumors, Prabhjot had planned a fans gathering in Nepal prior to the disaster. A video of the incident has since surfaced online following the accident.

In the footage, multiple people could be seen assembling to meet the YouTuber. Meanwhile, other people rode bikes with him.

It’s the same video, where we can see him riding aggressively. The same video captures a lot of hard acceleration of Kawasaki.

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