A Guide to Using Postcards to Market Property Management Services

Postcards are an amazing tool to market property management services and a broad range of other real estate businesses. They are straightforward to create and mail and the recipients find them convenient to store for later reference. 

They are also cost-effective, enabling amateur marketers to create successful campaigns within a small budget.


However, knowing how to use property management postcards effectively is vital, as it will determine the outcome of your campaign. While the process may seem intimidating for newbies, it is pretty straightforward once you understand the areas that need strong focus.

You can begin by following the tips below and quickly progress to becoming a successful direct mail marketer.

Using Postcards to Market Property Management Services

Ensure it has a clear purpose

Statistics show that most folks still prefer receiving direct mail over other forms of communication, such as email or social media messages. But direct mailers are most effective if you can get the correct information to your potential clients. It may have little effect on them if people do not know why they should care about your offer.

Invariably, everyone who gets the card must require what you are selling so that they will look at it with interest and curiosity rather than simply tossing it away unread like junk mail. To illustrate, targeting property owners with several homes requiring professional management is better than sending mailers to random audiences who do not need this service.

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Choose an attention-grabbing design

While postcards are an effective way to bring in new clients, you need to make sure they stand out if you want them to work. You can begin by selecting a unique design that will be noticed and addressed. Adding pictures of properties you already manage and positive client testimonials can make a written message more powerful.

Also, consider using high-gloss postcards with bright colors and lots of contrast so that all details stand out clearly, even from afar. Choosing the right font matters, too, as it will be the one thing that gets your message across.

Sign up with a postcard service provider

Hiring the services of a professional can help you access the best property management postcards for your campaign. You can sign up for free with a reputable agency that offers thousands of design templates to customize and print as many copies as you need. The more specific the template is, the better it will fit your needs, but if you don’t mind paying a bit extra for a customized card, these agencies will do that too.

Typically, they have no minimum orders and provide templates for other purposes, such as automated valuation postcards that allow recipients to scan QR codes and learn what their home is worth. Moreover, some agencies let you create and manage targeted mailing lists and track your campaigns so that your future campaigns can be more successful.

Follow up

Postcards are not just for making the first impression; they can also be used as follow-up marketing tools to remind clients of important dates or services. You can send them out now and then after the initial mailing to keep in touch with current loyal customers.

They are also great for seeking new customers by advertising special deals or promotions only available through postcard mailings. So, use a specific design wisely and incorporate impactful information to further your property management business in no time.

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