Airplane Crash Watertown Wisconsin

The Federal Aviation Administration confirmed 2 passengers were on board a single-engine Mooney M20 plane that crashed on Wednesday in Watertown, WI, at about 9 a.m.

The two people involved in the crash were the pilot, a 73-year-old man, and his 8-year-old grandson.


The crashed took place at Brandt Quirk Park near a residential location. A park that one resident described as a section of her backyard.

Beth Ktratzer, another person who witnessed the crash, said the moment when the crash was heard and felt from inside their homes. “We heard a sudden huge bang explosion. Our house shook.

Infact, you could literally see the house shake. And then we saw people running in the field, and then you could see the black smoke.”

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According to preliminary statements sourced from FAA, the aircraft had just taken off 3 miles from the accident site from the Municipal Airport about.

Thanks to God, there was no soul on the soccer fields when the plane fell – causing damages to the ground and trees.

Before the crash, witnesses heard the engine sputtering, others said it was full throttle and very low so when they heard the ‘boom’ they knew what happened.

Brady Lessner was mowing the lawn when he heard the plane. “I went around the back and see a huge cloud of smoke. I ran and called the police.

There was a shoe on fire, there was a couple of wheels off in the field and also some trees were on fire.”

Enough details and identity of the deceased are yet to be released other these ones here.

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