Samantha Warrens, the woman who killed her husband for sleeping with her grandmother

Read the story of Samantha Warrens, the woman who killed her husband for sleeping with her grandmother

Last night in Richmond, Virginia, a woman who discovered her husband having sex with her own grandmother reacted violently, carelessly running over him with her car and repeatedly rolling over his body.

Samantha Warrens

Around 8:30 PM Friday night, a caller reported a road rage incident in the Lakeside neighborhood to the Richmond Police Department (RPD).


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When the officers first arrived at the scene, they witnessed a Ford Escape type SUV going back and forth aggressively. They soon became aware of a man who was lifeless on the ground beneath the SUV.

Samantha Warrens

The police intervened and used force to convince the driver to put an end to her rage.

Lt. Craig Smith, a spokesman for the RPD, reported that Samantha Warrens, 28, was furious and yelled insults while she was being taken into custody.

“She kept yelling at her inanimate husband and telling him to go to hell,” the cops said while attempting to read her rights to her.

According to Lt. Smith, Ms. Warrens’ grandmother emerged out the house in underwear during the arrest and while she was still agitated to explain everything.

She explained to the officers that the young woman had seen her grandma and her husband in a 69 position while naked together when she arrived home from work earlier than normal.

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Even if this is among the sickest cases of adultery I’ve ever heard of, she shouldn’t have reacted the way she did. She needs to develop better partner selection and anger management skills.

Eric Leonard, 30 years old, the husband of Ms. Warrens, was taken to the VCU Medical Center, where the staff describes his status as serious but stable.

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