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Best Apps To Keep Your Small Business Organized

In this digital age, there are many productive tools to make work easier for business owners. Whether you have been in your business for a long time or you have just started recently, at one time, you might have thought of ways to make your daily processes better. That is why we have written about the Best Apps To Keep Your Small Business Organized.


The good news is that, in this modern age, there are more tools than ever before to help businesses run efficiently. This includes easy-to-use mobile management apps, desktop software on your computers, and many other technological advancements. And because there is no problem using mobile and desktop apps on your business, it is high time for entrepreneurs to install small business apps that will help them manage small business tasks efficiently regardless of their location or time.

We have mentioned some of the best Apps to keep your small business organized and mention how they function. Therefore, if you have been wondering How do small businesses keep track of everything then just need to download these apps. 

The Best Apps To Keep Your Small Business Organized


Moment is a good business organization app for success in any organization. For business owners, especially startups and SMEs, keeping time is somehow difficult because of the many distractions caused by a limited budget to hire more staff. Even the most organized business owners still get themselves unable to stick to their timetables and this is where the moment comes in handy. It boosts your productivity by tracking your phone usage and giving a wholesome usage report of the time you are spending on your phone. 

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Call Recorder for iPhone

Call recorder for iPhone enables you to keep a clear record of calls so that you may refer to them when the need arises. It is the best call recorder for iOS because it records calls by converting your daily conversations into handy voice notes. If you are fond of forgetting dates, numbers, or names that were mentioned in the call, then this is the best call recording app for you. You can download this app on the app store to make your business more efficient. And if you are a first-time user, you will get a free trial period.


To ensure your business is organized and profitable, the accounting department must be ahead of its game. Even with a very organized department, always following what is going on also helps. One application that ensures accountability by ensuring that you are always updated with what’s going on is Freshbooks. This online software enables users to follow the business’s expenditure by saving and organizing cash flow, invoices, and other expenses. On top of that, users also receive other top-notch customer service plans at no extra cost. 


One of the difficult questions you have to figure out when starting a small business is how do I keep my small business organized? Well, slack got you covered. It consists of collections of chat rooms that ensure that your team stays in touch. It provides orderly communication options where you can create specific communication channels for every department, project, or client, depending on your liking. From these chatrooms, you can have one-to-one talks, organize your next move or even talk about your next trip to Italy! Slack is suitable for managing remote teams and collaborating in real-time. Moreover, you can share documents, create the team’s to-do list, or even set reminders. 


Unlike other business management softwares, Expensify serves only one purpose; organizing finances. You may think that it’s not necessary but which other application can scan your receipts clearly? Expensify also processes employee expenses on your smartphone. 


What is the best app for getting organized? It’s got to be skype! Since its inception in 2003, skype has made a name for itself. It has several imitations and looks alike but none has managed to make online meetings flawless skype does. With Skype, you can make direct phone calls or meet up to 25 people via audio or voice call. 


This application provides online-based inventory access for free. Apart from enabling users to access their inventory transactions effortlessly, users can also create a product catalog. From the product catalog, you can count, receive, and also issue stock. 


Before setting up your business, you must have a plan in place that stipulates what you want to achieve financially. LivePlan is the best app for small business and helps you achieve your goals by by creating a customized business plan for your business. This software will provide a step-by-step guideline on how to set it up by asking a few questions like what your expected cash projections are. Upon completing all the steps, you can tweak it to your preference. 


Sortly is an online management inventory management application that organizes your business catalog. It provides custom notes and tags, barcodes, and an all-purpose scanner. The notes and tags notify you of the unfinished projects on a priority basis ensuring that nothing is left hanging. 


If you have been looking for an app to organize small business enterprises, then Gusto was made for you. Gusto enables you to manage your, sick days, compliance, vacation time, and other commitments in one place. It also allows you to add up and determine your state and federal payroll taxes.

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