Chicago Walmart Looting Video

In the 15-second clip, a Walmart Neighborhood Market store is shown with shattered cash registers, vacant aisles, and damaged goods.

Many individuals who share the video infer that the clip is recent even though they don’t state the exact date it was shot. “A SECOND Walmart in Chicago has been utterly trashed and looted. An Instagram post from Tuesday with more than 23,000 likes as of Saturday reads, “Here’s the aftermath.

Chicago Walmart Looting Video

When the retail business closed four outlets in the city last weekend, some people stated outright that the photo was shot then. Yesterday, Walmart closed 4 locations in Chicago. They were honored for their services to the community in this way by the locals. Almost everything was looted, according to a tweet that Monday shared the video.

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However, on June 1, 2020, during the upheaval in the city following the police killing of George Floyd, this footage was first shared on social media. In a thread with more images documenting the damage at the shop and elsewhere in the Kenwood neighborhood, a local journalist shared the video with the comment, “Inside the Walmart at 47th Street & Cottage #chicagolooting.”

A Walmart Neighborhood Market was located at the junction mentioned in the tweet in Kenwood.The store seems exactly as it does in the video, down to the same green bagging stations and yellow angled beams by one of the entrances.

At the time, local media sites also covered the damage caused by protestors at multiple Walmarts, including the one in Kenwood.

The same store’s green checkouts are similarly decrepit in a photo from the Chicago Tribune, which is also dated June 1.

Walmart affirmed that its Chicago outlets have not recently sustained any damage of this nature.

In an email to The Associated Press, Walmart spokesperson Charles Crowson said, “We haven’t received any reports of damage to our Chicago locations.” “The in question video isn’t current and probably dates back a while.”

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The Kenwood store was one of the four Walmart sites in Chicago that were shut down on Sunday. The firm said in a public statement that the stores have never been successful and are losing “tens of millions of dollars a year,” with yearly losses tripling over the last five years.

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