Thats No Sword Tanjiro Comic Revealed

Demon Slayer Reveals Tanjiro’s Mysterious New Sword

Tanjiro received a mysterious new blade in Demon Slayer Season 3, which should better prepare him for the battles against the Upper-Rank demons who are currently pursuing him and the other Demon Slayers. Well, the Demon Slayers’ “Swordsmith Village Arc” lived up to its name; while staying with the illustrious Demon Slayer swordsmiths, Tanjiro had the opportunity to witness their skills firsthand by receiving a brand-new sword!


Thats No Sword Tanjiro Comic

It is revealed in Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 3 (“Yoriichi Type Zero”) why Mist Hashira Muichiro is with a strange creature that resembles Yoriichi, the greatest Demon Slayer and inventor of the breathing styles, in order to solve the mystery of the Season 3 premiere’s cliffhanger ending.

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In reality, the “creature” is a sophisticated mechanical training mannequin that the Demon Slayers utilize to improve their sword skills. Tanjiro is challenged to compete against the doll (Yoriichi Type Zero) during the course of the episode in an effort to defeat Muichiro.

Kotetsu, a young swordsman, puts Tanjiro through extreme training without food or water until he passes out. During that period of unconsciousness, Tanjiro has another vision that frees up his senses and enables him to concentrate on a new technique more quickly than with his Opening Thread approach smelling out his opponent’s vulnerabilities and movements.

Tanjiro’s power has increased, enabling him to compete with the Yoriichi Type Zero; when Tanjiro fears truly shattering the doll, Kotetsu encourages him to show off his true strength. Tanjiro strikes hard, breaking the doll’s skull and his practice sword in the process.

While Tanjiro is embarrassed about ruining such a sacred antique, he and Kotetsu discover that Yoriichi Type Zero has been literally housing the secret of a mystery katana inside its shell of a body. 

Demon Slayer Season 3: What Is Tanjiro’s New Sword? 

Thats No Sword Tanjiro Comic
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The mystery behind this new sword will undoubtedly be revealed in Demon Slayer Swordsmith Village Episode 3, but the episode’s subtitle—”A Sword from Over 300 Years Ago”—is already a major spoiler.

Since Yoriichi was alive and active in the Demon Slayers 300 years ago, as revealed in episode 2 of Swordsmith Village, it is evident that the secret sword in the mechanical doll made to look like Yoriichi has some link to the illustrious warrior.

If nothing else, it’s a common cliche for a “chosen one” hero in a Shonen manga or anime to inherit a unique weapon or object from a prior hero.

Just how relevant this sword will be to Tanjiro and his fight against more powerful forms of demons remains to be seen. 

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