Chrisean Rock Before And After Fame: How did Chrisean Rock become famous?

Before and After Chrisean Rock, Chrisean Rock Tooth, Chrisean Rock Before Blue Face

Chrisean Rock is a musician and social media influencer. She is Blueface’s girlfriend. She has a significant fan base on social media. Her teeth were knocked out a few years ago, and she seemed to have healed.


As a result, her followers are inquisitive about how her tooth looks now and look for Chrisean Rock before and after pictures on the Internet. Continue reading to learn more about her teeth and how Chrisean Rock looks before and after the procedure.

Who Is Chrisean Rock?

Chrisean Rock Before And After

Chrisean Rock, 22, is a musician and social media personality. On Spotify, she has a lot of songs. She had an appearance in the American reality show Bad Girls Club.

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Blueface, an American rapper, is her boyfriend. She has a sizable social media following. She has over 2 million Instagram followers.

Chrisean Rock Before And After Fame

Chrisean Rock Before And After

During a battle with Blueface’s ex-girlfriend, Chrisean Rock lost a tooth. She also posted videos and photographs of her missing tooth on social media.

Blueface had given her a considerable quantity of money, but she had long neglected to treat her tooth. Her supporters also applauded her for having the courage to display her face with the missing teeth. She even made it appear like her brand.

She posted a video taken in an orthodontist’s office on July 9. The video showed her getting a new tooth with Blueface’s picture on it.

Chrisean Rock Tooth

Chrisean Rock Before And After
Chrisean Rock Before And After

Chrisean Rock said in an Instagram live video that she lost her front teeth in a fight with Blueface’s ex-girlfriend Jaidyn Alexis. Jaidyn agitated Chrisean, and the two fought.

During the fight, Chrisean banged her jaw on the floor and lost one of her teeth.

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Chrisean Rock Before Blue Face

Chrisean Rock became well-known after appearing on Blueface’s reality show Blue Girls Club. She was previously a musician with numerous songs on Spotify. She is also a social media influencer. She is most known for being Blueface’s girlfriend.

Chrisean Rock old pictures

Chrisean Rock Before And After

What Did Chrisean Rock Do To Her Face?

After a fight with his boyfriend’s ex, Chrisean replaced a missing tooth; she had lost her tooth for a long time and had decided not to correct it for a long time.

When people started asking her about her missing teeth and she turned into a troll, she decided to get her tooth restored. She had a new tooth implanted in her gums with Blueface’s face on it, and she uploaded a video on Instagram about it on July 9, 2022.

She has simply corrected her tooth this year; she has not done anything to her face. People have observed a difference in her, and they believe she has changed her appearance.

But, unfortunately, she hasn’t done anything to her face until now; she hasn’t had any surgery to change the way it looks. She also stated that she is pleased with the portrait of Blueface she created on her teeth; it is perfect.

Chrisean Rock Net Worth

According to sources, a musician and social media personality’s net worth in the current year is $2 million. Chrisean’s main source of income is her music profession; she has recorded a wide variety of well-known music.

She may have additional sources of income, such as business and investments, that she has not publicly revealed. She has yet to declare her profits to the public, thus there hasn’t been much information about them.

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